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Your God Self

So many of you, indeed everyone of you in this room, have wonderful opportunities of teaching others just by being your God self. It is so important for you to knowingly teach this and it is done by living it, using it in a knowing way, always with love and gentleness, and reflecting back into your world that which lies within you. This is what you are all about. This is why you came to earth.

Your mission, if you care to accept it, is to be the child of God and live it in every way. If you do this, the only thing that will self-destruct is all of the negativity that you have created and have been living. Everything else that you create from the Holy Spirit and the Christ of you will be a blessing to yourself and to your brothers and sisters. You want to change the world? Then do it by living the God of you. That is how it begins, with each individual living the God within them. The process of coming forth from the unmanifest to the manifest is God’s gift. God’s gift is the becoming. Your gift is the return. In God’s giving, there has to be a receiving on your part. You have to be willing to receive. When you are in your egos and you are having struggles in your life, then you are not receiving the gift that awaits you. Then you are blocking out the gift.

But when you are aligned with the Father’s will, which is Divine Will and which is the connection with the Holy Spirit, the Christ love, then you are open to receive. But when the ego self of you is filling you with doubt and fear and anger and all of that sort of thing, that is when you are not open to God’s gift. God only sends the best.

(To Tinkerbell, Gabriel’s angel helper) I don’t know what that even means. (To the audience) Tinkerbell with her nonsense. Something about Hallmark cards, whatever that is!

Someone: It is their motto. When you care enough to send the very best.

Gabriel (To Tinkerbell) Yes, now see, you did know something I didn’t know!

To receive the blessings of God, the grace of God, the love of God requires on your part to be open to them. They are an innate part of you, but you must open your awareness to know that they are in you and to accept them.

The ego of you would have you believe that there is no gift from God or that you have to earn it or that you are not worthy of it. But that isn’t true. The gift is already in you. Your receiving of it is merely the changing of your thought process to accept that it is there.

There is a constant exchange between you and God. It is never not there. Even when the ego is at its most foul, the exchange still is going on. What is happening is that you are not aware of the exchange because it is totally impossible for you to be anywhere where God is not.

When it seems to you that you are where God is not, that merely means that you have turned your ears to the voice of the ego and you are listening to that rather than to the voice of the Holy Spirit, which is the voice of God. It is important for you to be mindful that the exchange between you and God is ever, always going on and to become aware of it.

- Channeled Teachings of the Archangel Gabriel, HOW THINGS COME TO BE, June 4, 1999, pgs. 17-19.


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