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SGF offers workshops and weekend healing retreats that teach practical spiritual tools to help people successfully navigate along their spiritual path and elevate their lives.

In addition, SGF publishes books and audio recordings of lessons from Archangel Gabriel and other Master Teachers.




  • Weekend healing retreats give participants an opportunity to look deeply within themselves and explore subconscious belief systems and other thought-barriers in order to become mentally, emotionally and physically healthier. 


  • The weekends are small and sacred with the opportunity for each attendee to receive feedback, coaching, and hands-on healing. Attendees take part in a safe and loving environment that encourages introspection and compassionate participation in a group process.




  • Webinars offer participants a chance to learn and study sacred teachings that were channeled through Rev. Penny Donovan.


  • Attendees are able to learn, discuss and apply spiritual truths. These are invaluable opportunities for people from anywhere in the world to participate in because they take place online.


  • These free events, facilitated by Don Gilbert, take place online and enable people to join wherever they are in order to receive and give spiritual healing – because we know that healing energy can be sent and received regardless of physical proximity.


  • These are incredibly transformative healing opportunities that allow attendees to not only experience this uplifting energy, but also to send it to those in need, including Mother Earth.


  • SGF provides several workshops every year that pertain to themes of spirituality, healing, and living life from our Higher Selves.


  • Attendees learn to rise above ego thought-patterns and move towards wholeness and living the Light within.

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