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Sacred Garden Fellowship (SGF) is a unique spiritual organization that houses more than 400 channeled teachings from Ascended Masters, containing powerful metaphysical truths and principles.  

don and penny

These channeled teachings are all-encompassing and inclusive of all faith traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Druidism.  These highly powerful, life-altering, channeled lessons teach individuals how to consciously use their God-given energy/Spirit to transform their lives with love, compassion, and forgiveness.

The channeled Master Teachers include: Archangel Gabriel, Yeshua (Jesus), Nq-on Kar, Druid Master, Solomon, Stella, Makayla, and others.  Currently, SGF is working on publishing this treasure trove of spiritual truths so that spiritual seekers everywhere will have access to this timeless wisdom.​  

The Formation of SGF

The late Reverend Penny Donovan (1933-2020) and Donald Gilbert (MSW) formed Sacred Garden Fellowship in 2005 after studying and healing together for almost two decades.  Rev. Penny was a natural medium and ordained Spiritualist Minister who was in touch with spirit entities since childhood. For 33 years, she channeled evolved teachers who helped spiritual seekers transform their lives for the better.

Donald Gilbert is a therapist, teacher, and healer with a Masters in Social Work. Following a miraculous recovery from brain surgery in 1998, he retired as chairperson and professor of Criminal Justice at Hudson Valley Community College to focus on his spiritual therapeutic practice.

Together, Don and Rev. Penny formed SGF to provide a spiritual home for those seeking higher metaphysical truths and principles in a nurturing community.

Based in the Capitol region of New York, SGF is a nondenominational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

SGF’s mission is to:

  • Encourage all to become aware of and live from their God-Self

  • Offer opportunities to learn, teach, and heal

  • Preserve and disseminate the teachings of Yeshua, Archangel Gabriel, and other channeled Master Teachers

The group offers retreats, workshops, and publications that teach individuals how to practically apply spiritual tools to all aspects of their lives using lessons graciously imparted by the channeled Master Teachers.  In a world fraught by challenge, discomfort, and dis-ease, SGF is a safe and nurturing space for all those seeking the comfort of a spiritually-minded community.


Rev. Penny and Don met in October 1987 when Archangel Gabriel began channeling through Rev. Penny during one of her services at the Trinity Temple of the Holy Spirit Church in Albany, NY. In Rev. Penny's words:

​In October of 1987, my life changed drastically one Sunday.  I went to church – as I had done for the past twenty-three years – and as I went into my office to get my Bible I felt light-headed and dizzy.  The feeling passed as I went out to the lectern.

 I remember saying to the congregation, "Before I give my talk, we have a meditation."  The last thing I remember was the meditation.  The next thing I knew, I was standing at the lectern with everyone standing up and applauding! I didn’t know what had happened.  The people were saying, "Oh wonderful! A teacher came."

 It was during the next few days that the teacher revealed himself to me as being the Archangel Gabriel.  He said, ‘I will teach you things; and if you will follow and do them, they will change your life for the better.’

 That was the beginning of the twelve years during which he channeled through me, teaching truths and providing spiritual guidance.  His teachings were simple and loving.  I watched the people in my congregation change, evolve, and grow.

 Many times, he was challenged by me and others, though he never lost his temper.  He never was anything but loving and kind; and he never failed to have an answer to any question that was presented to him.  He was a very powerful, loving force in my life and in the lives of the people who came to hear him over the years.

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