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The SGF Scholarship Fund was established to help seekers who need financial assistance in order to attend one of SGF’s events.  Each scholarship will be equal to one-half of the cost of the event, including room and board, if applicable.  Both SGF members and non-members are eligible for a scholarship.  Special consideration will be given to those who are attending a SGF event for the first time.  Only one scholarship is allowed per person per year.  Application must be submitted at least one month before the event.  The number of scholarships awarded is based upon the available funds. Three Board members will review each application and present their recommendation to the full Board for consideration. 

Please read below for important parameters, and fill out the form below to apply for a scholarship or to donate to the SGF Scholarship Fund by pressing the button.

To be considered for a scholarship please follow the instructions below:

  1. The individual must submit an application to the Board explaining what the applicant hopes to gain by participating in the specific event.

  2. An individual may receive one scholarship per calendar year.

  3. Cancellations, except in cases of dire emergency, forfeit the scholarship. 

  4. Awards are to be kept confidential by the recipient. 

  5. When a scholarship is approved, the recipient must pay their half of the cost of the event at least two weeks prior to the event.

All inquiries should be addressed to the Board for governance.

Adopted March 2024

SGF Scholarship Application Form

Contribute to Our Scholarship Fund

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