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When Angels Cry

“You are very slow. I do not mean you individually, but you as a collective group of humanity. You are very slow to loose yourself from the bonds that you have created on your earth plane, of limitation. Limitation has become your god and you worship it profoundly every day, for every time you think a thought, you think of it in a limiting manner: ‘I would like to do this except for…,’ ‘It would be nice if…,’ If only I could…,’ I will try…’ All of these statements are statements of limitation. ‘I cannot…,’ ‘I have not...’ This is all limitation.

Every time you embrace love and bring into being your form of lack – which all of you here are profound at – every time you embrace an illness, every time you say to yourself, ‘I am less than God, I am ill, I am poor, I am limited, I am anything that is not of the highest good,’ you add a teardrop to the disappointment of the angel world. For we [your angels] see you in all of your capacities, all of your powers, all of your virtues, all of the dominion that has been given unto you, and we see you cast it to one side and fall down before the shrine of limitation. Every day you pay homage to your god and you lament that your god gives you back pain and sorrow, disappointment, illusion, illness, death. And yet you take yourselves every day, every moment of your time into that shrine and you lay upon the altar of that god the very power of you as the son of God. This is very sad for us, very sad.

When you will learn to get rid of your graven images and when you will learn to break the golden calf of your illusions and lift your eyes unto the mount from whence cometh the help, then you will be free indeed. But until then, you are bound as slaves in the shadows of your own creation.

You cry out in pain to the angel world for help and when we come, we lift you up and you dash yourselves down yet again. And we lift you up still and we will ever lift you up, and we will ever bring you back to the mount and ask you to look up and see the glory that is you, that is God in you. You are the son of God. You are the only begotten son of God. For all the worlds of creation, there is none other that is begotten of the Father in the manner that you are, for you are the individualization of the Christ and we cannot claim that. Only you…

When I say that I am Gabriel, I am Gabriel and sometimes you hear me directly and sometimes you hear the other angels who work with me… It matters not. What matters is the truth of the words that are spoken. This is why I have never said unto you before who I am because I did not want you to come to hear Gabriel, I wanted you to come to hear truth.”

- Archangel Gabriel, ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES & OTHER BEINGS, Pgs. 50-52. Copyright © 2017 Rev. penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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