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"The Master Jesus, when he was crucified, he had a choice. He did not have to go through crucifixion. He did not have to go through anything like that, for his knowingness took him to the extent that he could take his physical body with him. He did not have to have it destroyed first but he knew that if he did it that way, no one would know. How could you learn a lesson that was never presented? He knew the heaviness of your concentrations, the way you poured forth your energy into the negative. He knew that that had to be left behind. It had to be slain.

Know you what the slaying of the spirit be? ...It is when that aspect, that blockage of consciousness, is torn asunder by the presence of the Holy Spirit and there comes a new awakening. It is the slaying of the old giving birth to the new. That is the slaying of the spirit.

Now, in his crucifixion, he knew that there had to be something to draw your perverted attentions. ...I'm talking of humankind. And what better way than the torture and murder of a fellow creature? Did they not build great arenas for this very thing? So, let us take this man and make an example of him. Let us torture, murder him; the others will learn thereby. And Jesus used this. He used this for his advantage, for they all would witness what they did unto his physical body and they all would witness the resurrection thereof, and in the end he rose victorious in his knowingness of who he was. And so it 'tis with all of you here.

You have a grand and wonderous knowingness within you waiting to be set free, but you must begin somewhere. You must start to use it, to live it. ...You each have your own crucifixion to face and have indeed faced them before, and your own resurrections with all of their glory. It is the love that you give, the truth that you live, the responsibility that you take that would give you the freedom and the peace that you seek. These things you must, my children, do, for you are to be the living light in a world of darkness.

...You see, the Holy Spirit is the bridge between your humanness, so to say, and your knowingness. It is that which takes your awareness up into the Christ within and in that way, you can love. All of the pasts that you have, all of them, is purified, lifted up, loved, and made beautiful. And all of the error, all of that aspect of your creativity that you have misused, is dissolved. And that which is lovely and true and beautiful and giving and loving is preserved unto eternity for all of you through the Christ who loves you. All of your past is atoned for through that Christ Love. ... I am not talking about the crucifixion of the man, Jesus. I am talking about the infinite love that you cannot quite grasp yet, but you will, that sees beyond all of these errors, knows them not, and takes the beauty and the truth of you and preserves it unto eternity.

` Now, the Holy Spirit is that aspect of the Father God which brings together you, where you are, however you are, and the Christ. It lifts you up into that Christ awareness, and this is the purpose of the Holy Spirit. ...He (Jesus) who loves so grandly as to do what he did would not leave you with nothing. So, he called forth the Holy Spirit, whom he knew well, and the Holy Spirit became the bridge between your unknowingness and your knowingness, your inability to forgive and your forgiveness. It is through the action of the Holy Spirit that the Christ of you is stirred and comes forth."

04/09/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 2, 1988, Pgs. 263-268. Copyright © 2016 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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