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When I say faith, I am not talking about some abstract, airy-fairy thing that God will take care of everything. “All I have to do is say my rosary and light a candle, call upon St. Francis or St. Anthony, or call upon Gabriel! That is all I have to do and it will be all right and I don’t even have to think about it.” No. That is not how it works.

Do you believe that you are children of God? Do you believe that you are made in the image and likeness of God? Do you believe that you have power? Do you believe that you have free will? Do you believe that you have the ability to create?

All right. Here you are (showing a previous diagram). Here is this terrible situation and the ego is telling you, “You better be afraid, better worry, I know it is awful. I can’t bear to look at it.” Now, you can buy into that illusion and you can make your life miserable. You can worry yourself until you are physically ill. Or you can go within.

“I am the child of God. I am made in His image and likeness. His gift to me of free will allows me to change anything in my life. I choose to change this situation. I choose it to be a joyous experience in which I see the lesson, use my knowingness, and use the gift of God’s love to keep me ever in this state of knowingness. I shall walk into this situation and I shall deal with it from the God self of me. As I walk out of the situation, I shall have learned everything I needed to know from it and I don’t ever have to go back there again.”

Which do you think is going to serve you better? The fear listening to the ego, listening to all of the negativity, and believing that you are doomed? Or taking command through the Divine Mind that is in you, knowing the God self of you never ever fails you, and recognizing that just because the past was painful, it doesn’t mean the present is a repeat of the past. You have been there, done that, and you don’t need to repeat it.

You don’t have to take what used to be and drag it by the hair of the head into the present moment and say that this is what it used to be and this is what it is going to be now. That doesn’t apply. Take yourself up into the God self of you and look at the situation without emotion. Look at it as if it belongs to somebody that you don’t like. How much interest would you have in it then? Would you be fearful? What if the person that you didn’t like came to you and said, “Here is my situation. What do you think I should do?” Could you not look at it and tell them objectively what they should do? You could because you wouldn’t give a hoot about the outcome, would you?

The personality who is fearful, that you think is you, is the frayed, little, oh-what’s-going-to-happen personality. That is the part of you that you don’t like and that is the part of you that you don’t feel is worthy to be called a child of God. That is the part of you that you feel deserves to have bad things happen to you.

The spirit of you loves you dearly. The spirit of you cares about you. But the spirit of you also sees that all of this stuff down here in this awful situation is an illusion. It is a product of your thinking. It is a product of your belief system and it doesn’t have anything to do with you as a child of God. So the child of God of you can look at the situation and know what to do.

- Archangel Gabriel, KNOWING ABSOLUTE JOY, February 6, 1998, Pgs. 20-22. Copyright © 1998 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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