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"How think you that the Master Jesus became the Christ? He wasn’t born the Christ. He was born with the potential to be the Christ. But he had to go through life’s lessons, the same as you, and he chose to listen to the voice of God within him and that voice speaks no louder to him, than it does to you.

               I know that some of you are facing challenges in your lives. If you aren’t aware of them at the moment, take heart, you will be. Know you what a challenge4 be? It is an opportunity to use what you know and to learn more and that is all a challenge is.

               It calls upon you to revert to your Divine Self, to use your feeling nature, to use your Divine Mind to allow the God of you to become real and that’s what a challenge be. If you did not perceive in your thoughts that you need a challenge, you wouldn’t have created them to come to you.

               Know you the story of Job, how he feared everything, and all the things he feared came upon him? Well, that is how you create negative conditions. Be afraid of something and you can be guaranteed it will manifest in your life, because fear is a very powerful energy! Be confident that the Spirit Self of you is greater than anything that the world can present and that is what will happen.

               You will overcome in your awareness, you will understand that the situation that you perceive to be so difficult, is only a challenge and a challenge is this wonderous opportunity to be your Spiritual Self and you will find that the challenge melts away and finally, you are realizing that you are truly in charge of your lives! And all of the things you need and all of the tools you need to live your lives in the Spirit of you, you already know."

03/24/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, CONSCIOUSLY PLANNING YOUR LIFE, September 24, 1994, Pgs. 78-79. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

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