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Beyond Form

“As long as you are surrounded by and locked into form, you are not going to see the perfection of the spirit that is you. So how do you live in a world of form and think of God? Very simply. Whatever form you are looking at, whether it is a person, a creature, a mode of transportation, it matters not what it is, you need to realize that there is a life form within that form. That form is merely an out-picturing of a higher ideal.

You say, ‘But how can a dwelling place or a mode of transportation have life in it?’ Name me something that is not made of the materials of your earth. Is Mother Earth a living entity? Indeed she is and every particle of her has life in it. The cells of your body have life and intelligence in them. The cells within wood have life, even though the tree is long gone and the wood has a different form….

Just because something is not able to move about does not mean that it does nor contain life. These beautiful flowers do not move about and yet they are as alive as you and I.

Going past form into the life essence is recognizing God. It is knowing that God is present everywhere about you. When you come to the realization that all things are God in various and sundry forms, then you begin to raise your awareness away from form and into the essence.”

- Archangel Gabriel, HEALING OURSELVES, February 7, 1993, Pgs. 10-11. Copyright © 1993 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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