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Beyond Death

“Before I could learn more of the fifth dimension and then explain it clearly, I had to learn about all of them. …The first plane we enter at death, no matter how spiritually aware we are or not, is the Astral plane, which is the closest to Earth not in location exactly but in energy. This has seven subdivisions just like the seven planes of finer, clearer vibrations above it. Each division interpenetrates the plane below it to a certain degree. All the planes do this. It is not that one is higher or lower than the other in direction, but rather in the finer or heavier in vibration. The material world, of course, is the densest. …Yet at the same time, the higher or finer dimensions of energies extend further away from the physical matter of Earth than the lower or slower energies do.

So when we speak of going up a plane to a higher one, we are not moving into a different neighborhood, but rather are rising in consciousness to finer energy and are no longer aware of or influenced by a vibration of a lower awareness. So, the slower one left behind fades from our consciousness for it is no longer useful. Another existence of a more elevated character comes into our awareness. …We see all the aspects of what or who we are looking at, so there are no secrets here. We know as we are known. Truth is all that’s known here. …No, we don’t age or deteriorate here, but we do grow in spiritual awareness and so change.

The first three dimensions are not unlike a more perfect ordinary life on earth minus the physicality and trouble of any kind. This helps entities to acclimate to life here.

…The fourth is the closest idea we have of how God imbues life into form. In the fourth dimension, there is radiation which enables the different lines of power and angles to meet and intersect, thus producing form. The fourth did not create this radiation or lines or angles, but rather is the instrument God uses to utilize His creations.

The fifth dimension is the opposite. It is poised, held, dense – it interpenetrates so that its vibrations are strong, fine, penetrating, and allow worlds to dwell within one another, remaining quite separate and even unaware or even unconscious of one another, yet operating and aiding one another. …This means that the CAUSE of every growing thing – the form it takes, the power that holds it together – they are the Spirit of God expressing through the fifth dimension, the very WITHINNESS of that life! …This lesson takes study. Believe me, I know!

Onward! There is a lot of fear about dying since most everyone has been warned about hellfire and damnation in some form or another. Truthfully, there is no such thing. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about that. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced the low realms… Spirits inhabiting the dark realms lose any consciousness of the earth plane but are very aware of the dark thoughts and actions they did and the harm they caused other living people and animals. Yes, animal abuse of any sort is met with these conditions. Killing an animal for food is the exception; no punishment there. But sport and trophy hunters doing it for the thrill of the kill do indeed live to regret it.

Most dwellers in darkness see and feel as though they are dwelling in and pushing through some black viscous fluid, all the while seeing not themselves but the other inhabitants which are equally ugly and very, very objectionable. Their way of living and believing creates their own surroundings, which are very ugly to the other entities dwelling there.

Angels of Mercy frequently descend into these dark regions to inspire those dwelling there to see that there is a way out through seeking forgiveness not only from God, but from those they’ve harmed. All too often these Angels are not seen as helpers and rebuked and sent away. Those who are willing to progress are given every form of help they can absorb and use. No one is left in these deplorable conditions except by their own devices.

Suicide s do not go to the dark realms; their torture comes the instant death occurs and they are regretful for taking their life and realize that there is no way to undo what they just did. They clearly see a solution they could have had instead of death and now have no way of using that solution. They suffer this unbearable regret until the hour they would have naturally passed into spirit. Then they must seek forgiveness for the pain they caused loved ones. Most are quickly forgiven. Very sad if they were young. …Love you.”

04/02/2023 Blog. T.V.C., MOONLIGHT WISDOM, Night Lessons From My Teachers, September 21, 2017, 3;30 a.m., Pgs. 33-36. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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