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Resolving Disputes

"Now I desire for you to close your eyes and to get yourselves centered. I want you to envision yourself completely aligned with the Spiritual Self of you. Now, in the center of your chest, in the middle of your chest bone is where your heart chakra is located.

I want you to envision that area a glowing soft pink. It is vibrating from left to right in a circular motion and it's sending out little spears of light. Those spears of light go into your body, out of your body, all around you. This center of pink becomes larger and larger until after a while, you are totally encompassed in its glow.

I want you to feel it going through you, touching every aspect of you. It permeates your whole being. It fills you and spills over outreaching far beyond you. Its soft, pulsating power gives you a feeling of warmth and gentleness, of peace and love. It fills you, and in it you sense the peace of God.

Now, envision it slowly getting smaller and concentrating in your chest where it began. Gently it is pulled in and vibrated in a circle about six inches across.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Now, this exercise should be used before you enter into anything that has a connotation of dispute to it, whether it be a mental dispute within yourself or whether it be an actual exchange of words or attitudes between you and another... doesn't matter.

This exercise of working consciously with your heart chakra has a very healing affect, very neutralizing affect, upon any dispute... doesn't matter what it is. By using your heart chakra to reach out and enfold you, it keeps you from getting caught in the other person's or the situation's negative vibration. Sometimes, your situation isn't too bad until you meet with another, and then it becomes escalated and after a bit, you feel really out of sorts - resentful, hateful, and so forth.

In doing this beforehand... In fact, it would be a good exercise for each of you to do when you got up in the morn before you went to your business world, because there it would proceed ahead of you; your aura always reaches out about three feet around you, and love from the heart chakra would fill the aura with pink, which is the color of Christ's love, and you would find that everywhere you went, love preceded you. It went before you and made straight the crooked places. All of you have situations in which you can use that.

It's a good exercise to do before you go to sleep at night for it clears the astral plane around you of any negative thought forms, and when you go there in your sleep state, you'll find you have very pleasant, productive dreams. Not only that, it proves to be a blessing to your highest good."

01/15/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SITTING IN GOD'S LAP, Heart Chakra Meditation from Internal Awareness, May 18, 1996, Pgs. 108-109. To buy this book, please click here.

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