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Our Future World

"Mother Earth has tolerated for centuries the rape and murder of her very livingness. Now, she has decided to fight back. Her method of fighting back is not to make war, although there are places where she does make war, typhoons, hurricanes, etc. But mother Earth knows the cycles. She knows that what has crystalized must come to a time of transmutation. Therefore, for something to transmute from the lower to the higher, there has to be a change of energy. When it comes to nature, that change of energy takes the form of warmth, of heat. Good examples are: water becoming steam, rain becoming fog, snow becoming liquid, and so forth.

Everyone looks at the global warming as a tragedy. But it is not. It is the transmutation of Mother Earth from the crystallization that she was, into a higher vibratory rate where all living things will have a better chance of expressing life.

Some of the creatures of the cold have decided not to remain. They will leave and they will come back in a different form. One of these creatures is the whale. You soon will find there are no more whales. However, people will discover another great fish, that they had never seen before and didn’t know existed before, that is suited to the warmth of the water. It will be the same with the polar bears and animals that need cold. As the earth warms, and warm she will, the cold-blooded animals will leave and in their place will come new creatures that will be discovered and that are suited to the warmth of the temperature of the earth.

Do not mourn what Mother Earth is doing. Rather mourn what humankind is doing to Mother Earth. Therein lies the evil, not in what Mother Earth is doing. She is merely transmuting to something higher and better. This is going to force people to do the same. They will have to change their thinking. They will have to change the way they live. They will have to change to a higher and better, more loving, more considerate, more compassionate way of being or they will not be able to maintain life upon the earth.

None of you here will live long enough to see the complete change. But if you were to return to Mother Earth in say 300 – 400 years, you would find it to be very different in many, many ways. Nature will have taken over the places where there is cement and concrete and steel buildings. In its place will be houses and buildings that are called green because they will be made of natural things. The gifts of Mother Earth will no longer be stolen from her, but will be taken from her with respect and regard and thankfulness. Life will be very different. War will be something that people read about from history rather than experience one-on-one.

The depth of understanding of humankind will deepen to the point where there are no bad people. Creatures that are on the earth will transform, will transmute, to something that is in accord with the life of Mother Earth.

Many, many things are coming and it is all through the change of consciousness of humankind. They have to change or they shall not be – what will not bend, will break. There will be those who do not return to earth because they will not change. So they will dwell in a kind of never-never-land until such time as they do change. Then they will return."

07/07/2024 Blog. Master Teacher Ava, EXPLORING THE FIFTH DIMENSION, September 29, 2012, Pgs. 14-15. Copyright © 2012 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo copyright © Allexxe - To buy this booklet, contact:

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