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New Awakening

We cannot be taught what is beyond the mind. What is beyond the mind is learned only by experience. For it cannot be described by thought which is a product of the mind. While no experience can be described in terms the mind can understand. It cannot be truly known in terms the mind can comprehend completely. In this we know an experience cannot be directly shared for it remains an experience only to the one to whom it happened. To everyone else it is only empty words quickly forgotten.

When truly understood everyone’s experiences teach but one truth. Love sustains us through all appearances. We can view our spiritual journey only in retrospect of each experience’s lesson for we do not learn by what is before us, only by what we have experienced. Before the experience there is no lesson, only projection and conjecture because the experience hasn’t happened yet. We can learn in theory vicariously, but only in theory. Therefore, we truly know only what we have experienced.

Personal: You as teachers, cannot give experience, but you can open the way to experience for others by sharing your understanding of truths learned. In this is the inspiration, the motivation to seek and experience, and so to learn. The Holy Spirit can take the explanation of these truths and transform them into experiences for anyone who seeks. But only the Holy Spirit can do this. Your teaching therefore, must be pure and motivated by love for your brothers and sisters, and so activate forgiveness from which experience can spring.

- Yeshua, March 30, 2004. Copyright © 2004 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. All rights reserved.

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