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Jesus and the Christ

"I want to speak to you of the Christ. You see, when Jesus came to be the Christ, he came with a knowingness of what he had to attain, but he did not come born having attained it. Now this is where history gets all ...confused. Everyone thinks that Jesus was born the Christ and he was not. He was born to become the Christ. He was born to show forth from his lowly beginning what all of you can do.

If he had been born full-fledged the Christ, wherein would lie thy lessons? Would it not be such that you would say, 'Behold, he was born thusly. How can I be that?' So he had to come, even as you. Born of poverty.

There was another reason why he chose to be born in a stable. And this is something that history has galloped on past and given no thought to and it is of an utmost importance, and that is this... In the stable were animals, creatures. Their lives are of the same substance as your own. Oh, there be some here who say they have no souls, and this be not true. There are some who say, 'Tis only a creature, What matters what becomes of it?' And this is not true. If that were so, would he have not chosen to be born in the inn or in someone's home? Think you that Mary and Joseph were friendless? Instead, he knew the creatures of the earth were fouly treated, and yet they held within them the life... the life of the God force. They felt pain, they had thoughts.

Remember I spoke to you of plant life, And I said to you it had thoughts and feelings and there were those of you who left here and said, 'He is mad.' Think you what you will. No matter.

...The wonderous soul named Jesus came amongst the creatures and he blessed them with his birth there. He enjoyed the scent of the hay, the smell of the animals. ...The Christ spirit was poured out that night into that lowly stable to lift up all life. Now you say, 'What is the difference between the man Jesus and the Christ? I tell you this. He was born a human being, a man. The same as you. ...The Homo sapiens, and he took to himself the Christ. Now, he did this after overcoming many things. The journey into the wilderness is your journey.

I want you in the days that contemplate in your minds the difference between the man Jesus, the child born, and the Christ, who saw fit to enter into and manifest through this wonderous being known as Jesus.

...Because he came in the manner that he did, he came to show you. ...It is something that you take within you, and light! You light it with your knowingness. ...So think you ...that there is a difference between the babe and the manger, and the babe within you, which is the Christ. And that difference is what you must find. You must find.

Your homework for this time is to come to understand the difference between the Christ and the beloved Jesus."

Merry Christmas! Be Thou Blessed!

12/24/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 1, 1987, Pgs. 78-80. Copyright © 2015 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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