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Fears and Finances

"Participant: When we prepare to do our prayers and meditation, my understanding of what you are saying is that our fears will come up more quickly for us.

Gabriel: They will fight for their life, indeed.

Participant: Do they mainly come up in terms of our relationships or from people we meet or situations we come into?

Gabriel: Your fears will manifest to you in any manner they can make themselves known because their purpose is to cause you to feel defeated.]

Participant: If we come across an individual or a situation we did not expect and it seems challenging, or if a bill comes in for expenses we didn't think we owed, what is going on with that?

Gabriel: That is an example of your old fears manifesting themselves and saying, 'See, I am still here, alive and well and you are in big trouble!' When you perceive you have a debt, you affirm, 'Ah, behold, here is an opportunity for me to be the channel through which abundance flows so that this bill is paid. I am only the instrument through which it flows, It has no part of me.' Do not use the phrases 'my bills' or 'my debts' because then you are claiming them as your own and they will remain with you. But if you affirm, 'This is a bill or debt that I am the instrument through which it is to be paid and then it goes from me,' it will not remain with you. Remember that."

10/22/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER AND MEDITATION Audio Lesson. Copyright 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo by K. Romani. To buy this audio lesson go to, click on MORE at the top right navigation line, go down to Shop Online and select this audio lesson.

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