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Energizing Your Physical Body

“I want to get you in tune with the movement of your vibrations. I want to do an exercise with you.

Alright, I want you to become very, very aware of your physical bodies. I want you to think about your physical bodies – how they feel, how heavy they are, the muscles you require to sit in your chairs to hold yourselves upright, and so forth. I just want you to take a moment and think about the aspects of your body in any way you desire, whether the circulatory system, the respiratory system, how your body feels, whether it needs food, whether you are weary, whatever. Just be very aware of your physical body.

Now that you are aware of your physical bodies, I want you to think of the things that your body does for you – the way it allows you to be upon the earth and to function in form, the pleasure it gives you, the responsibility it teaches you. I want you to think how your body gets your attention. Sometimes it gives you a little twinge of pain here or there or upset tummy or whatever, but how does your body make you aware of it?

How do you feel about your body? If you could change anything in your body, what would it be and how would you make it different? Would you make this change because you have your body or because you don’t like your body?

Now, I want you to see your bodies filled with light from the center of your chest radiating outward, down to the tips of your toes, ends of your fingers, tips of your ears and of your nose, top of your head… just filled with light. Alright. Now that you have that pictured clearly in your mind, leave it there, keep it there. You all know that it’s there. Now open your eyes.

How does you body feel now? Lighter? Tingly? Now, I’ll tell you what you just did. When I said to fill your bodies with light, you brought in from the hurricane part a new energy. You filled your bodies with the hurricane… I don’t mean hurricane. Remember, we talked of the levels, that level of energy. You brought that into your body. While you’re sitting there and as I’m talking, that energy is working through the cells of your body and it is gloriously connecting into the little nucleus in the center of your cells that knows Creative Power.

Now, what you have done is consciously bring in what is usually unconsciously offered to you. It is offered and you are not aware of it, so you frequently do not bring it in, but you have just consciously brought it into your bodies.

Now. This is something you do every day. Why? Because you are bypassing the tornado. The earth, the ego, the ‘I’m too tall,’ ‘I’m too short,’ ‘I’m too whatever,’ and you’re bringing in that energy straight into the cells of your body, and that cell will reproduce as you have envisioned it in the light. It will reproduce in the light and you will get new energized cells. The cells of your body will become energized and as they reproduce, more and more light comes into your physical being.”

12/4/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SITTING IN GOD’S LAP, “Honoring the Physical Body” from Earth, Air, Fire and Water 2, May 10, 1997, Pgs. 120-122. Copyright © 2021 Rev. Penny Donovan. All right reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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