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Balance Social Consciousness

“This (your thinking) forms a trend of thought which becomes solid with every entity who feeds it, and every entity is touched by it, feeds it. …But in your earth plane at this present time there is mob force places. The trend of thought of a mob has no reason. They have only one intent: to carry forth whatever it is they started out to do. And people do not think. They join into this trend of thought and they carry it forth.

Now, the same thing happens with you. We have thoughts that make up a consciousness of your society. …When I said to you, ‘You must change your thinking,’ I was referring to you being in charge of your own thoughts and not becoming a part of the mob thinking. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘We have no mob thinking.’ Not in its true meaning but in its subtle meaning you have mob thinking. Now, I spoke to you of elevating your thinking and you say, ‘But that’s not possible when you go out into the daily tasks of the say.’ Ah, but it is and this is what you must realize.

I (Archangel Gabriel) have said to you that you must love yourselves. …When you love yourself, you are lifting up the Lord God of your being into awareness! You are becoming aware of the Lord God of your being! You are affirming in its own essence your presence in it. You have wrapped it around you and made it a reality. Now, what has this to do with social awareness? Everything! Everything.

If you could look upon your Mother Earth, you would see the gray encasement of thought form that surrounds her and it is not good! And it is this that is your social awareness, society consciousness…Now, when you love yourself, what are you doing? You are proclaiming the Lord God of your being. You are, in effect, saying, ‘I know who I am. I am divine. I am sacred for God made me. God made me.’ And in that very truth, you are created perfect.

…This is one of the reasons I have come. You have got to help change society’s thinking, for they are in the rut of destruction. …Now you must learn to think not with social consciousness, for that will ever, ever keep you on the wheel of karma. …You have got to think with the Lord God of your being, the divinity within you – with the Christ love – and mold you world with that!

“Ah’, you say, “I do that until I walk in and behold the form of my employer…or my employee,’ and the whole thing is …blown away. If you were to have things blown away then why not blow away your negativity? Why not say you, ’I have encountered a great and beauteous form and it is the Lord God of my being, and it has blown away all of the negativity of my thinking and in its place the winds of truth have brought into my awareness the higher consciousness, which is love.’

‘Ah,’ you say, ‘That’s all theory.’ It is not! …It is a truth. It is a truth that you know but have chosen not to use. Now I tell you, in the days to come you will need to use this truth. You will need to use every bit of truth that you can muster up because you will need to be the balance in the scales that are about to be tipped.

08/06/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 2, 1988, Pgs. 16-21. Copyright © 2016 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo by Brandon Jopko. To purchase this book, please click here.

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