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"You teach the world around you by how you live your personal life whether it be from a perspective of love, sharing, and caring or from a perspective of fear, resentment, anger and feelings of 'I had better not trust that person. I had better be careful of that person.'

So becoming spiritually aware is extremely important in becoming spiritually active and spiritually conscious of the part that you play in your world. It is important for you to consciously live each day of your life from a spiritual standpoint. This doesn't mean you go around with your hands clasped in prayer and sandals on your feet. You don't have to grow a beard or anything of that sort.

But you do have to become aware that every interaction that you have with anyone is a spiritual interaction. Every conversation you hold in your mind with yourelf, and you all do it, is a spiritual conversation. It is something that you are sharing with you and how you think of you. Do you think of yourself as being kind of dumb or what made me do that stupid thing? That is not a spiritual thought. That is a condemning thought.

Your business transactions should always be from a spiritual point of view, and that is the hard part. Most of you do very well dealing with yourself and others until you go to your jobs. This lovely spiritual light that has been going along in your mode of transportation gets out on the highway and the spiritual light turns angry. The light becomes a little dimmer. You get upset over this car or that car and it gets a little dimmer.

When you get to your job, you walk in and lo and behold, there is the person you can't abide sitting right there in front of you. You have to smile and say, 'Good Morning,' and you don't mean good morning at all. So by the time you get to your place of work, what has become of your spiritual light? It is buried beneath anger and resentment.

Little thoughts come in: 'Oh, she has that dress on again. Obviously she doesn't have any other clothes! There he is. I saw that new car he has. I don't know. He gets the same salary that I do. I can't get a new car. I would love to know what he is up to.' There are things like that that run through your mind. You don't even think about it. You don't pay that much attention actually. But every time you do that, you are not coming from you spiritual self.

...People take out their anger and resentment in strange ways. So cutting in front of you ...or something of that sort may be simply a reaction to something that happened to them at home and you are getting the brunt of it.

Should you add to that by cursing and swearing under your breath at them? Or should you think, 'Good thing I am on my toes or I would have hit that fellow. Dear God, please help him or her in whatever manner the person needs and thank you for keeping me safe.' Oh, that sounds so Pollyanna, but it works. What happens if you do get angry? What happens if you forget and think, 'Look at that stupid so and so?' Then you think, 'No, wait. I can't do that. I send you love and I send you way out of my way!'

Learning to deal with the spirit self of you, with the life that you have chosen, and you have chosen it, is one of the ways that you add to the spiritual consciousness of the earth. It is one of the ways that you assist and help others to become more spiritually aware."

12/17/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF HUMANKIND, March 5, 1999, Pgs. 20-22. Copyright © 1999 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

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