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Your Divine Self

"I want you to go past normal. I want you to go past what your society dictates to you as acceptable... I want you to go past what you feel you are.

It just occurs to me... none of you know what you are. You know what you think you are, but you don't really know what you really are. You think you are physical form. You think you're a certain height, a certain shape, a certain color or a certain this, a certain that. Some of you think of yourselves in terms of your jobs. Some of you think of yourselves in terms of your appearance and so on and so forth, but I would like very much for you to go past all of that.

Let us do a little exercise. Do all of you have a favorite place you like to be in your inner self?

Then I would like you to close your eyes, get yourselves comfortable, however that might be. Then I would like you to picture yourself leaving that behind you, just allowing it to fall away in little pieces, to drop away, and to leave you standing in a beam of light that completely surrounds you, interpenetrates you, touches every aspect of you, bathes your mind in light, your feelings in comfort. Picture your body just falling away and you and the light kind of merging, becoming one.

Now, that beam of light is all that you are - you are nothing else - and yet every part of you is keenly aware of yourself. You are aware of the very livingness of you, of the rhythm of you... completely, totally self-conscious. That self-consciousness causes you to realize that the isness of you is All-That-Is. You are unaware of anything else. You are complete. You lack nothing. Every part of you is integrated, balanced, harmonious, perfect.

Now, that self of you is your Divine Self and you are slowly going to open your eyes in that state of awareness and without losing touch with it, become aware of your presence in this room. Just open your eyes and be aware that you are here.

And this is something that you can do each day and it will help you to become aware of a higher aspect of yourself. Now, each time you do it, you gain a little bit, you become more aware of the Divine Self of you.

One of the problems with meditation as it is practiced in the Western world is that in your meditation you go to the same state where I have just taken you, and then you come back from it before you open your eyes, so consequently, what happens when you do that is that you leave behind what you have gained. It is still part of the leaving behind your spiritual awareness and getting caught up again into the world of form.

We have taught you that the Spiritual Essence, or life behind form, is not the form, that you are not your form, and this is true. However, for those of you who have grasped that idea and can live it, it is now time for you to integrate your form into your spiritual awareness because that is one of the first, most basic steps of ascending, is to be able to see the physical form, be aware of the physical form as an integral part of the spiritualized Self of you.

This little exercise I gave you is a very simple one and is something you can do just about anytime pretty nearly anywhere. Well, of course, I wouldn't do it while driving on roads of transportation until you get to the point where you don't have to close your eyes to get there.

02/05/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SITTING IN GOD'S LAP, "Your Divine Self" from The Shining Stranger 4, June 10, 1995, Pgs. 99-101. Copyright © 2021 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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