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Womb of Mary

The Holy Womb of Mary represents many things, not the least of which the Spirit of Truth coming into the material form – into the earth, into the very womb of materiality – and in that womb, growing and coming forth and manifesting the Christ! Do you know what that means for you? …It means that even as that Spirit of the Christ, the Logos of all time, came forth and manifested in the earth, so can you. If he had not come forth in flesh and then sent his messengers forth to teach you, you would say, ‘But how can he say this and how can he say that? He has never been here.’ Well, he has been here, many times, the last of which is what you know of. It’s the story of Jesus, the Christ. If you really want to celebrate Christmas, then you do it from within… from within, for that is where the womb of you and your growth is… within.”

12/17/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 1, 1987, Pg. 68. Copyright © 2015 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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