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What is the Akashic Record?

"The Soul is your individualized personal portion of the Akashic Record. The Akashic Record can be termed to be the memory of God; and into this pours forth all things, all events, all thoughts, all happenings,..everything....It is into the Akashic record that all events of your planet are also recorded...indeed, all the events of your universe.

The Akashic record is infinite. It goes on forever and ever. It has no limitation. It has no beginning and, therefore, no end. It is a type of energy somewhat like an electromagnetic field. It is an energy that is consistent, forever the same, yet ever changing, ever moving. It is extremely cohesive. It is everywhere present, and it hold an exact record of everything that happens, including the entire history of humankind from the time it came forth from Divine Flame, became Spirit, and so on. The Akashic Record records everything that has ever happened, everything that is happening now, and everything that will ever happen. What you perceive to be the future is recorded within the Akashic Record with the same clarity as what you perceive to be the past.

The Soul of you is one of the vibrational rates of the Akashic Record. The vibrational rate of your Soul is tuned particularly to you, and that vibrational rate does not belong to anyone else. There are billions and billions of these vibratory rates in the Akashic Records. Each of these vibratory rates must be tuned to the individual. If not, the Akashic Record would not be a recording device because it would not gather the little whispers of the ordinary person.

Therefore, in the infinite wisdom of the All-That-Is, the Akashic Record is an all-pervading, ever-present, nowhere-absent vibratory rate that vibrates to the 'tune', as it were, of the individual. When I say individual, I mean exactly that. The Akashic Record vibrates uniquely to each and every individual manifestation of God: humankind, plant life, cell life, animal life, bird life, or whatever life form there is. There is a distinct vibratory rate for each and every individual life form.

There is a type of vibratory rate of the Akashic Record that brings all experiences, resonates to all experiences, and claims all experiences...and that vibratory rate, beloveds, is what the Soul of you is made of. Your Souls imprint everything you experience. They imprint it exactly as you experience it; not as another experiences it, but only as you experience it. That is why no two people have the same version of a singular thing. Have you ever noticed that? Everybody's memory of an event is a little different from everybody else's. This is a wonderous thing, indeed, because it gives the Akashic Record a totally, absolutely, complete out-picturing of any event. The Akashic Record in its totality continually vibrates a living-ness into everything that has ever been, is now, and ever shall be."

06/04/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pgs. 13-14. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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