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What Do You Seek?

"Everyone discounts the imagination as a faitytale-like thing that little children indulge in, but the imagination is the foundation of your creativity, for without imagination, you are not able to create anything. And since the God of All-That-Is created you in His/Her image and likeness, he endowed everyone with an active imagination, because that is how you create, that is how God creates.

First, the idea, the visualization of that idea, the acceptance of it, the loving of it, the supporting of it, the calling into being of it. That is how God created the suns, the universes, the flowers, the blades of grass. That is how you were called forth into being.

You are the divine sparks that have separated yourself from the central sun of God and have gone off into your little universes, and now you are on your journey homeward to be joined again into that central sun. That is the spirituality of you. That is the beauty and the truth of you. It is through your creative imagination that you will select the manner in which you journey, whether it be with hardship and regret, or whether it be with laughter, joy and love.

How many of you here, when I asked you what your enemy looked like, saw yourselves? Anyone? How many of you saw one or both parents? And siblings? A neighbor? An old lover? No one? Good. That means that you are ready to accept responsibility for yourselves and you are not about to lay the blame of you on someone else, and that is a very powerful step upward. Whenever anyone sees their enemy as the face of another, they are not really looking internally for their enemy; they are looking outside of themselves, and that is never where you're going to find your enemy, for your enemy only has one dwelling place, and that is the internal self of you.

When you see yourself, the next step is to see that self and forgive it, for if you don't forgive it, it's going to return unto you again and again. No matter what you think you might be guilty of, you have to forgive yourself and let it go, for as long as you wear it, you're not going to be rid of it and you are going to keep on blocking your good.

Now. let us suppose that you have cleared the channel. Let us suppose you have emptied yourself of every form of limitation. The next thing is to fill the space with something. for nature does not like a void. So in order for you to bring unto you that which you want, desire, you have to know what it is... You have to know what you truly desire, and you will find that what you think you want is not really what you are looking for.

Now, herein is where absolute honesty has to enter, because your desires are going to outpicture themselves in your mind as many things. Depending on your past history, it could be anything from wealth to perfect health, whatever. But when you think you know what it is you're after, ask yourself this question, 'Is this something that I can take with me into eternity?' or 'Is it something that, when I am gone, so to speak, I must leave behind?' Because if it is something that you must leave behind, then you can know that you are not really expressing what you desire.

Now, let me make something perfectly clear. you cannot desire something for another, so if your desires are perfect health for my son or daughter, a sense of well-being for my mother or father, you have to forget that. This is a 'self-do' thing. They are responsible for themselves; you are responsible for yourself. I don't mean that hardheartedly, I think you would know if I did. But I am teaching it to you from the realistic standpoint that you can only change your feelings, you cannot change another's feelings any more than you can change the way they think...

Your truth is that which takes you to your highest good, and that is what you must seek. What is truth for you today may not be truth for you tomorrow... What I am trying to say to you is this: Seek truth, for that is the one thing that will grow with you. Truth will never limit you. It will never keep you locked into only one way of doing something. It will never prevent you from going on to something more. It will never keep you from being your true self.

Seek knowingness... Seek love... These three companions walk with you throughout your lifetime: truth, knowingness and love. They are ever there with you. The greatest of these is love.

5/16/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, MANIFESTING, Pg. 65-69. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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