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Using Your Spirituality

“You have evolved to the point where you want to know things that are not earthly. You want to know how you can better your lives through better thinking; how you can improve your relationships by being more loving and understanding; how you can help others through becoming nonjudgmental and non-condemning how you can live nearer to your source which is God.

All of the lessons that have been brought upon the earth by me and by other teachers… are geared toward one thing. That is to bring you fully into the new spirituality. You are the pioneers, so to speak, of this new spirituality. You are the ones that are going to take it past the readings, past the concerns of earth and into the realm of teaching, healing, and learning about spiritual truths, not in an airy-fairy sense but in a practical, usable, knowable way.

This is why you have this upsurge of channeling about all manner of spiritual things. You now have available to you books, movies, and many other sources about subjects that would never have been presented to you before. Have you not noticed that? Now do you think that is all just a fluke? No, indeed not.

You are coming in to an era, which has already begun, upon your earth in which humankind’s consciousness is going to be grounded in the spiritual truths, not in the earth truths. You are in the time when people will begin to think of their problems from a perspective of the spirit and to find ways of solving and dealing with them from the spirit.

It will no longer be a case of having an enemy, whatever that is, but it will be the recognition of your own error perceptions as being the only so-called enemy that you have.

You will come to recognize how your vibration affects people around you and how their vibration affects you. I know you have to have noticed that when you approach a subject with anger, what do you get back? Anger. If you try to discuss something with someone and you are very upset, what happens to that person? He gets upset with you, or at you perhaps is a better way to put it.

You are learning that centering yourself in the Christ, whatever you care to call it, and approaching anything or anyone from that perspective changes everything, doesn’t it? You are finding that you get very positive results out of very negative conditions. The key is in using your spirituality.

So that spirituality is now very well grounded upon the earth, not just in one person but in millions of people. All over the earth there are millions of groups of people who meet just like this. Sometimes the information is channeled. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it is inspired. Sometimes it is just known. It doesn’t matter whether it is an angel or a spirit or the higher self of the presenter. If it is a truth, it will resonate within your soul and you will know it as a truth. It will assist you and give you insight. It will give you understanding.

By the same token you are the instrument of truth in your world. You are the one who lives your spiritual self and in the living you awaken within others a curiosity. Others will think, ‘How did you get like that?’ In your getting like that, they want to know how they can get like that.

So what does this mean? It means you are ever a student and always a teacher. You are always a teacher whether you are teaching one person or whether you are teaching thousands of people. The point is that it is from this new spiritual awareness that people upon the earth are now evolving upward, ever upward.”

10/08/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF HUMANKIND, March 5, 1999, Pgs. 13-15. Copyright © 1999 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

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