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Uncomplicated Life

"People ask why is the earth the way it is? ...Why is there deadly diseases? Why do little children be born to have cancer and die? Why? Because the shadow of fear has so engulfed the consciousness of humankind that you believe it. You believe you have great unshakable faith in fear.

You really believe that life is meant to be lived as a great challenge, and that you can never quite win, and that’s what you practice daily in your lives. Your own bodies seem to turn on you and not allow you the sweetness of your lives because you believe that your bodies govern your lives. NO, they don’t. They are the vehicles you wear while you are on earth. They should be honored as the temples of God because you are the Children of God and you occupy them, but they are not the rulers of your life unless you make them so.

There is a simplicity in Spirit-truth that when lived, un-complicates your life upon the earth. You become enslaved by things and as this beloved channel says, ‘by stuff.’ She and her stuff. I said to her one day, ‘What are you doing?’ And she said, ‘I’m sorting through my stuff.’ I said, ‘Is that important?’ And she said, ‘Well, it certainly is.’

How important is stuff? Really, how important is stuff? If a thief were to come and take all your stuff and with it, your memory of the stuff, would you miss it? No. Would you not just go out and get more stuff? That is how important stuff is. And stuff takes many forms. It can be an obsession with your appearance. It can be an obsession with how much money you have or how well you are taken care of. It can be an obsession about the physical health of your bodies. It can be a fear that you will be one day left alone and destitute; that seems to be a major fear, especially as the body goes through changes of becoming older.

You have so many packages of stuff that you carry around in your consciousness. ‘What will become of me? How will I live? I don’t want to be dependent upon my children.’ When the prayers are sorted through by the angels, and they are sorted through… you talk about stuff! It is a major job. There are angels who do nothing but sort through prayers, and that is a grand truth.

...Ninety-seven percent, he (Archangel Gabriel) tells me, is concern about stuff – my job, my marriage, my relationship, my children, my health, my finances. Every now and then a bright, silver, golden, shimmering light comes up and it is a prayer, ‘Dear God, help me to be who I am in your eyes.’ That is straight away gathered up by the angels, but all this other stuff is dealt with in the level in which it is asked.

Now I’ll tell you something about prayer. You will get back the answer in the exact vibratory rate as the question. And if that question, if you’re asking, if your prater is said with fear, then you’re going to get an answer back in that same of fear. If your prayer is done with the holiness of faith, then you get your answer back in faith….

It is the power of your feeling nature that propels your prayer. It isn’t the words. It isn’t anything but the feeling behind the prayer, and most people pray in absolute desperation. If you must ask about stuff, then take the stuff up to the level from whence it came. In other words, are you concerned about a job? That seems to be the major concern upon your earth… What does jobs’ income represent? …It allows you to live, by your perceptions… It has to come from a source that is willing to take care of you. What is the source that takes care of you ever? God.

...You have an unending, not possible to deplete, forever and ever guaranteed Source. The job, the income is only an outpicturing, the method by which this Source meets your needs. So when you pray about your source it should be in this wise: “My Father, my heart is full of gratitude for the income that You have expressed to me. I give You thanks, for my abundance is full, overflowing with more to share, and I thank You for this that is mine, for what is Thine is mine always. And so it is.”

7/17/2022 Blog. Master Jesus, CHRIST BECOMING, Pg. 230-233. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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