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Transformation Within You

The exercise that I am going to give you now is going to produce a transformation within you, one that you will be aware of… It may take a couple of days… but you will know something has shifted. ...Some of you will feel as though you lost something; you’re not sure what it is that you lost, but it’s gone. Others of you will feel that you gained something… you’re not sure what it is, but you know you have something more than what you had before. And some of you, a little of both.

Some of you are going to experience a new sense of freedom instead of plodding, plodding, plodding along. You’re going to feel you’re flying along…

The thing is that these transformations do not end with one, because what we are going to be showing you this day is something that pulls in and utilizes an energy that you all have been using, but unfortunately you haven’t been using it is a conscious, nor in always a productive way… Once it’s begun, it continually refurbishes… It’s a one-time thing. ...Once is enough. You don’t have to repeat it. It is divine inspiration, divine programming… it’s something that will come and always be there. Get yourselves all settled in nice and comfy.

I want you to close your eyes and I want you to envision yourself in a tunnel. It’s a very bright tunnel, there is nothing about it that is scary. It is bright, well lit, welcoming, friendly, easy. You like it there very much.

You find you move along this tunnel with no effort on your part whatsoever. You’re just propelled along at a comfortable speed, fast enough to feel a light breeze upon your face but not so rapid that you feel disturbed. You’re going along, you hear lovely sounds – sometimes birds singing, sometimes music, sometimes laughter. But the sounds you hear are always ones of comfort, of upliftment, of joy. You are aware also of a feeling of absolute well-being. You are carefree, joy-filled, loved, centered, knowing that you are on your way to a very wonderous adventure.

You go through this tunnel and behold, in front of you stands a gate, and its beauty is like that which you have never seen. The design of it is intricate and lovely. As you approach it, it seems to await your bidding, and by the very thought of you desiring it to swing wide, it opens its portals, and there coming toward you is the most beautiful sight that you have ever seen. It is a sight that you shall never forget. It is something that is unique unto yourself. No one else sees this... just you. Its beauty seems to rush in and wrap around you and fill you. The very loveliness of it seems to transform every fiber of your being.

You feel so welcomed, so loved, so free. It fills you, it surrounds you, it uplifts you, it holds you, it moves you. It’s everything. It’s all beauty, all love, all joy. It’s every part of you that you could ever conceive of as being beautiful beyond words. You know that this is something that is your natural state of being. From this is life, the very essence of your beingness. You bask in it. You are home at last in it.

And here it is with you now and forever and ever. Now, you do not leave it; it stays with you and you can feel yourself journeying back through the tunnel. This beauty and feeling stays with you. It doesn’t leave you. You don’t have to go away from it, for wherever you are, there it is, filling you, bathing you, caressing you, loving you, lifting you.

You journey back through the tunnel. This presence stays with you. You realize you are once again in your physical bodies, sitting in the chair in this room, and this feeling – this beauty, this joy – is present now, still filling you, still covering you over, still loving you, embracing you, and lifting you up. And you know that anywhere you ever are, from this moment on, it will remain with you. You have only to think of it and its presence is felt. Now you may open your eyes.

Now, beloveds, we took you to the gate, we had you consciously open the gate, you watched it open, you felt, saw, experienced what came at you. What came at you and surrounded you and filled you was the life force, the energy that is transforming… It was an invitation to the Holy Spirit… It’s a transformative power. It is an energy that can move anything, with no exceptions, and that’s what we brought you into. And that’s why it’s with you always, And that’s why, henceforth, you can never be without it. Anywhere you are, it will be with you.

...Your acknowledgment of it, your awareness of it, is all that is required for it to work through you and with you and for you. ...That energy has ever been with you but you never consciously opened the way for it. That little visualization, it sounds so easy and so simple, and yet it is all that is required – all that is required – and anyone can do it. Anyone. It just is a matter of trust.”


01/01/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SITTING IN GOD’S LAP, “A Beautiful Sight,” from Truth, Age 3, June 22, 1996, Pgs. 110-115. Copyright © 2021 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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