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Today's Children & Allergies

"One of the things that is going to be manifesting in people as this new spirituality becomes inherent with them and is being used is that the children being born are going to be much more tuned to spirit. When I say to spirit, I am talking about the higher laws. I am not necessarily talking about communication with those who have passed over, although that is part of it. The children will become much more attuned to the higher vibrations. I know some of you have small children about you at times, some of you all of the time. Have you noticed how much brighter they are and how much more astute they are about things?

You will notice too that some of them manifest what is termed in your earth time as allergies and one wonders why a child would come to the earth if he is so allergic to the things of the earth. It is because he is tuned to the vibration of the higher, that which is coming in to manifest the new earth. There is still much residue left from the passing vibrations and it is that aspect of the earth that he is allergic to.

As that new vibration manifests more and more upon the earth, his allergies will become less and less until finally he is not allergic any longer. How many of you here have allergies? As you get more used to the different vibrations, your allergies will disappear little by little. So you don't need to concern yourself about that."

01/14/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF HUMANKIND, March 5, 1999, Pgs. 23-24. Copyright © 1999 Sacred Garden Fellowship. Photo by Kathryn Romani. All rights reserved.

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