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To Properly Meditate

"When you use a mantra, you are tuning in to a sound. It is a sound with limitations because you are concentrating on it... You are tuned in to that vibration and while it may bring you some 'input,' it is not the pure channel that you are seeking...

Just as prayer transcends the limitation of the mind and of the emotions, so meditation quickens the mind into awareness of its totality, of its vastness, of its connectiveness to God... Breathing is important in meditation for it prepares the physical aspect of you to receive the higher aspect of your Spirit.

Just as prayer is lifting yourself to your highest aspect, so meditation is receiving - notice I did not say bringing down - that higher aspect that you connected into in your prayer.

To properly meditate one does not use candles, mantras, or sounds, for those will hold your attention to the physical world. While you will reach the higher vibrations of that physical world, you will not transcend it. To properly meditate you leave behind the physical, the emotional and the mental. As a result of leaving those behind, you are then in receptivity of that pure essence of Spirit which gently comes forth and bathes you with its presence.

Meditation is the awakening of your awareness that God is present with you now, at this moment of your time. You become so totally aware of that Presence that you do not think of the position of your physical form. You do not have to bring your mind back from its wanderings, nor do you have to still your emotional voice... There is a bathing in that Presence that is totally consuming.

This would not necessarily bring any physical sensations. It does not necessarily bring a sense of euphoria or a mental state of enlightenment. However, it does bring in you the presence of God and in that all other things are included.

10/9/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION audio lesson. Copyright © 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this audio lesson, please click here.

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