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The Gift

"Participant: Consciously we may say, 'I really want to get rid of something!' but subconsciously our will is still hanging on. How can our conscious minds tell our will, 'Hey, let go! I really want to get

rid of this?'

Gabriel: Take all of these things that you perceive to be holding you back from your at-one-ment with God and make them a gift unto God. Ask the Holy Spirit to transform them into something wonderous. Take them to the Altar, as you perceive the Altar of God to be, and lay them there and say, 'Here is my gift. I ask that it be transformed.' The energy that is in anger or whatever, let it be transformed into a blessing and in its transformation it is gone! The Holy Spirit can do what angels cannot, for angels can only do the will of God and who is God?

You are. So, if your conscious mind says, 'Get rid of this!' and your will says, 'Don't you touch it!' the angels must abide by your will. But the Holy Spirit transcends all that. The Holy Spirit is the action of God and since you are God - and God is God - the unifying element here - the Holy Spirit in its transformation removes obstacles that angels do not touch. Have you not heard the saying, 'Going where angels fear to tread?'

Participant: So when we ask for something, but it does not show up, it is the ego that is holding it back. Then, we can ask the Holy Spirit to step in and take care of it?

Gabriel: Indeed. Now remember, most of you here are asking for physical things, for material things... The material is the last plane to be affected. So if what you are asking for is a physical thing, you must go past that, up into the higher realms and ask for the realization of that which you desire to be made manifest. This relates to that part of the prayer, 'The Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven.' You are bringing that realization into physical form. That in itself would remove your obstacles.

You never can have a blessing out here, externally, until you are aware of it in here, internally, for what is inside is the truth of you, what is out there is only the effect. What is outside of yourself is the effect, the result. When you are asking for something out there, you are asking for the effect to make the effect. All things come from the Father who is the source. You have to go to the source and allow it to be manifested on every level. Then it will out-picture here on the physical plane. This is where you perceive much time to pass between your asking and your getting.

So if you are desiring a physical, material thing, what is the spiritual basis? Let us say you want wealth, the spiritual basis of wealth would be abundance. If you wish to be successful, then the spiritual aspect of success would be your talent, which is limitless, and your ability, which is limitless. So you must go to the source. Prayer is very concise.

Participant: ...When we pray for something outside of ourselves, we are putting the cart before the horse. In prayer, we are recognizing what drives us, who we are, and what we are. So, prayer comes first and everything else will follow.

Gabriel: Everything else will follow, indeed!...But that is what happens when you ask for things out there, you are approaching the God of out-there rather than the God within. Consequently you are asking the material for the material when you need to go to a higher aspect and find a spiritual connection and then bring it forth."

8/28/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION audio lesson. Copyright Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this audio lesson, please click here.

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