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The Christ & Christianity

"The Christ is an energy. It is not particular to a man, although there was a man, Jesus, who came and lived it as an example for you to understand the power thereof. But the Christ is of God and it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with religion.

The Christian religion is a product of Paul and Peter. They began the Christian religion. It was not the Master Jesus' intent to start a new religion. He was a good Jew. His intent was to show people how to live from the God Self, and it never entered his mind to begin a church, never entered his mind to begin anything excepting the opening of the Christ center in the heart of humankind. That was his purpose.

And it is important for people to understand that what you see upon the earth today as Christianity is quite removed, in truth, from what the life of Jesus represented. The Christ is an energy. It is the love of God brought into form, if you will, and the purpose of it within the human aspect is to give you the ability to love unconditionally.

Each human being has the ability to love unconditionally. However, every human being does not love unconditionally because you make judgments and you accept and reject and so forth. The Christ love is totally encompassing. It excludes no one. It is a power that is transformative, uplifting, healing, whole. This is how the Master Jesus did the healings he did. This is how he raised the dead... was through the Christ energy. He was no different than you.

He knew how to live from the God Self of him. He knew how to live the Christ and that's what he did. And that's why when he laid his hand upon a corpse, he could call life into it. It was the love - the Christ power of perfect love - and you all have that lying dormant within you. This is why he came. He didn't come to save you from your sins. He didn't come to take upon himself the sins of the world... And that's a grand truth."

7/10/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES & OTHER BEINGS, Pgs. 155-156. Copyright © 2017 Rev.Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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