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Surrender and Repose

Questioner: What I find is that I understand surrender and I can do that. There is the immediate release, and then you are in repose. It feels kind of different. Like fatigue, and it is something that you are not used to, so it is not comfortable. Then the small me will do something to put me back into comfort by worrying or fearing, there is a part of me that feels, 'Well, you should be doing something about this, how can you just surrender? How can you be in repose?' There is that back and forth between surrender and attachments.

Gabriel: When you surrender, you give it over to God. When you worry about it, you take it back again. You say, 'Dear Father, please take this and make it all right, but before you do let me add one more little step, now you can...No, no, I thought of something. Give it back here!' The first thing you know, you are pulling it back and forth, you give it to God and before it can begin to unfold you yank it back again. You close the cover, and you do all this stuff and then you hand it back. You are not releasing. You are not surrendering and leaving it there.

Questioner: Since repose it what you get the moment you surrender, it is a new place to be, is there anything that would kind of keep you there so you don't go into this back and forth?

Gabriel: Repose is a state of consciousness in which you rest from the turmoil of your error perceptions, you rest in God, as it were. Now that rest is for a time and then you are active again, not with the one you gave to God. When the repose ends, you will have an urge to go forth, not back to the same old thing, rather your energies are newly centered now to something constructive and good and so forth and you go on with it.

Questioner: So you don't even put any thoughts to the other things?

Gabriel: No, and if you must think of it, think of it only with joy. That it is so to be concluded in happy ways and happy conclusions.

Questioner: And that takes a lot of patience?

Gabriel: It takes trust, Beloved woman. absolute trust.

Questioner: I guess I am still working on that one.

Gabriel: You just affirm, 'I can only do the right thing because God is my inner direction.' Just think that.

01/21/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, DISENTANGLEMENT & DISCERNMENT, April 2, 1996, Pgs. 16-28. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved. Photo by Sherry Snook.

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