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Spiritual Intent

“We don’t realize that everything in the physical world is a result of what we are thinking and feeling. What we are doing is reaching into the unmanifest and pulling energy from it. With our creative thought ability we are creating events that are going to happen.

I know that none of you here think, ‘All right, I am going to create an event over in Iraq.’ We don’t do that. But we do feed the energy on the earth plane into any event that is going on. If we believe in negative things, if we expect war, if we expect accidents, if we expect sickness, if we expect any kind of negative thing, what we are doing is creating and building on that creation until we have produced whatever negative condition needs that energy at the time.

We have to be so mindful of our spiritual work. I know some of you might say, ‘I don’t think I have any particular spiritual work.’ Are you alive? Are you breathing? If you are, you have spiritual work. You are living your spiritual intent every moment of your life. Whether you recognize it as that or not doesn’t change it. Because we are spiritual beings, it is impossible for us not to live our spiritual intent. We occupy a body and have a mind, but the bottom line is that we are spirit.

Your spirit has a far vaster understanding and vision of life than you do when you think you are held in this little container called a body. When you step past the physical and go out into the vastness of who you really are, you can recognize how your spiritual intent, and what you believe about yourself and your world and the people in it, have a profound effect.

I had an experience in my meditation a few days ago in which I experienced myself as this vast consciousness. It seemed to me I was nothing but consciousness. I wasn’t aware of my physical body or of any form of littleness or limitation. I knew I was life, joy and love. I felt such a sense of exuberance and enthusiasm for life because I recognized that far beyond my body was this livingness. Whether I was aware of it or not, life was living itself in a very happy, joyous way. I could see this life reached out and interwove with other people’s spirituality, how we all are a united spirit.

Humankind needs to be with their own species. We need companionship, to be in love, to be loved. We need to share and to enjoy one another. These needs have a spiritual basis which is brotherhood and behind the brotherhood is the realization of the unity of life. We are a part of everything that is.

The human species is a part of a vaster spirituality than what any religion can possibly put into words. I think just about every religion has tried, but the truth of our spirituality is more than what can be captured in words and doctrine. To be aware of all of this is to be aware of living our intent.

What is your spiritual intent? Everybody’s spiritual intent is different in many ways. But there is one part of our intent that is the truth and the same for all of us and that is to live with joy, with happiness.

…We all have a holy purpose. If we didn’t have a holy purpose, we wouldn’t be here. Everything that God created has a sacredness.

…One of the things that I realized when I experienced that state of vast consciousness that I mentioned before was that my body, my personality, my ego self thought that they were the real me and that they had a spirit somewhere. But I knew that I, as spirit, was the real me and that I had a body and an ego that didn’t know anything.

So how do we experience this vastness that we are? How do we allow it into our awareness? This is something that is absolutely necessary for us to do. We are affecting the world. If we don’t want war then we have to get rid of the little wars within us. Every day we fight a little battle with ourselves over something. It could be, ‘I shouldn’t be eating that chocolate cake,’ or right on up to whether or not you are going to pay your bills. Everybody has their own little war that goes on inside of them.

If we don’t want world war, then we have to start where the war begins and that is within us. To do that, to bring in that spirituality is to be very mindful of our thoughts. How many of you are aware when you are thinking negative thoughts? You know it, don’t you?

Another negative attitude is to think, ‘I shouldn’t have done that,’ and then beat yourself up for having done it. …But suppose when that negative situation happened, you said, ‘Okay, ego, you’ve had your fun. Now it is time for you to stop,’ and the spirit takes over. You release the situation and let it go. Forgive yourself and forgive the person you were thinking dark thoughts about. You go on as if the situation didn’t happen. You know that in truth, in the spirit of you, it didn’t happen because the spirit you is incapable of anything that is not loving.”

Rev. Penny Donovan, THE CONTINUING JOURNEY OF SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY, PART 2, December 9, 2003, Pgs. 11-15. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved. Photo by Brandon Jopko.

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