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Spirit and Soul Interaction

"The center of you is your Spirit. It is very much like the center of a wheel, the hub of a wheel. The information in your Spirit is God knowing-ness. It is your divine flame. It is that aspect of you that is made in the image and likeness of God and came forth into form. In that Spirit-Self of you, you know it all: you are love; you are joyous; you are free; you are Spirit; you are truth. Now that aspect of your truth, of your being-ness, of the living-ness that is the God of you, feeds out through these little spokes. These little spokes are all the experiences that you perceive you have had in [what you think are] your past lives, your present incarnation, and your future incarnations that you have already begun to build... You already have three or four lifetimes planned ahead.

Now this information from your Spirit, this God-truth of you, feeds out into the spokes of your incarnation, into your personalities, into the creations that you have made that you term to be yourselves. This information is very valid because it is the one thing that is the truth, the absolute truth. At that [Spirit] point, it is not diluted or adulterated in any manner. It is that part of you which gives you life, hope, love, joy, all of the positive, ongoing, forward-moving aspects of your being.

At the rim of the wheel is the Soul of you - that unerring recording device that doesn't evaluate: 'This is good...this is not good...this is true...this is not true.' The Soul just gathers it all in, records, and stuffs it all in, and feeds it into the spokes. What you have there [in the Soul of you] is the truth of your being-ness plus all the error perceptions that you have accumulated from way back when.

The Soul still retains its conscious awareness of God. It is equally aware of your Earth life and the dictates of the various personalities regarding the desired experiences, lessons to be learned, and so forth. Yet, to the Soul, the only calling, the only urging is to return unto the Father. It is the longing of the Soul of you to go back in awareness to that time when you knew God and knew God intimately. The Soul still remembers that. For the Soul has perfect memory, and clearly and very ardently knows what it is like to be at-one with God. It is that longing to know God, to be at-one once more. ...So, the Soul of you is what calls you to be a spiritually-aware individual. ...It is the Soul of you that believes in life after death.

When you are in your 'spiritual mode' as it were, and you are practicing what I (Archangel Gabriel) preach, then is when the Soul of you knows joy because then is when the Soul realizes it is on its journey Homeward."

07/16/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pgs. 23-25. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. Photo by Tammy Roupp. To buy this book, please click here.

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