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Sharing One's Beliefs

"Questioner: It is not their (i.e. family's) approval I seek. I want to share this bounty of my beliefs.

Gabriel: When they are ready, they will bring it in. Not everyone who came to hear the Master Jesus walked away saying, 'There is a smart man.' Most of them walked away thinking he was a lunatic!

Questioner: My husband is going to ask me about this seminar and I want to tell him what you said, particularly about habitual thoughts.

Gabriel: Oh, but he doesn't believe in me. So why would he ask?

Questioner: Because there is still this interest. I would say to him that you said this and that, so this is what we should do to change our circumstances.

Gabriel: No, no. You don't say we. You say, 'I intend to do thus and so and you are welcome to join me if you choose or not, as you choose.' Beloved Woman, the only one that you can change is you. You are not responsible for him. If he wants to go on being Catholic, then he can go on being Catholic. He is going to be surprised when he gets to heaven and finds out you are there!

Questioner: There is a sadness. I want to be a mountain top telling the whole world this great news.

Gabriel: Then be the mountain top and live it. As you live it, that is the best way to teach it to anyone. It is by the example of your own life. If your children say, 'Mom, I think you are crazy,' then you just say, 'Be blessed and let me be in my craziness,' and let them go. One day they will look back and say, 'You know, she really did know what she was talking about.'

It doesn't matter if you know they understand now. All you have to know, Beloved Woman, is your connectedness to God, the child of God of you, the bridge of the Holy Spirit. These are things that are personal to you.

You cannot make another believe your way, and you shouldn't. Lift them in light and leave them in love, but know that God is working through them, for them, according to their understanding and will bring them home as surely as He is bringing you home. They just take a different path and it is all right if they do.

Questioner: So if they tease me about my angels or my signs or whatever?

Gabriel: Just say, 'Oh, you just don't understand,' and hold what you believe in your heart. If you could know the many times that the Master Jesus walked away from the multitudes shaking his head and saying, 'I don't know why You sent me here,' because the people didn't get it.

Questioner: Are my feelings a lack of confidence?

Gabriel: A lack of faith. If you have faith in the darkness, you will never see the light. Let your faith go to the light and where is the light? The light is within you. Be the joy of the light that is within you.

If your husband wants to go on walking in Catholicism, then let him walk there. Someday, somewhere he will wake up. Everyone does, you know. This is why I come back every two thousand years, waiting for the next crop to come up to the light. Let go, release it to God, surrender."

11/26/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, HOW THINGS COME TO BE, June 4, 1999, Pgs. 33-35. Copyright © 1999 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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