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Shadow World

"The Shadow World is that which you call the earth and lower astral awareness. It was created by the ego when your mind became dual and began to believe in evil. Before the concept of wrong-doing was introduced, your awareness did not know or believe in anything different than the total perfection of God, and as children of God, of yourself. To be led astray one must first think it possible. Thus was born the idea that there could be something outside of God.

Therefore, by the very free will that God endowed you with, you called forth from Divine Darkness the space in which you placed your idea of evil or separation from God, an ‘otherness’ besides God. You filled it with every conceivable thing that was contrary to the love and pleasure you had known. You looked with awe at your creation, became terrified by it, and in so doing gave it power over you. You gave it your individual attention and fed energy into it until it filled your consciousness and became more real to you than God. There are millions of people, both on the earth and in the spirit world, who question the reality of God but believe wholeheartedly in the reality of pain and suffering. So the Shadow World came to be.

Because it is fed religiously by everyone, it has become a monstrous cloud which closes out the True Reality. It is the Satan everyone fears, the devil of the evil self-created Hell. Therefore, it was necessary for those who did not believe in the Shadow World to break through its illusion and let the Light of Truth come forth. In the spirit world there are thousands of souls who are committed to doing this. It required some to incarnate and become what the Shadow World called prophets, teachers, saviors, Enlightened Ones, and so on. Some of us remained in spirit to help those who had ventured forth in form. Thus were born the spirit guides, teachers, and helpers – healers all.

The consciousness of mankind is growing more swiftly now because of the so-called wonders of modern technology. Even though there are those who would deny it, science has been one of our greatest allies. If a person can believe in a miracle drug, they can believe in a miracle. Now is the time for the in-surge of Truth for it can be accepted by minds conditioned by travel faster than sound and by satellites that tell what is happening on the other side of the moon. If man can walk in space, man can walk in Truth.

A hundred, nay, fifty years ago, you words would have gotten you slain or imprisoned. Now, they will get you followers who will outnumber your advisories. Be faith-filled, all things work for your good."

12/03/2023 Blog. 7th Teacher, Given to Penny A. Donovan, 08/01/2000. Copyright © 2000 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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