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Saving Planet Earth

Solomon: When he (Jesus) said the time for learning is over, he was referring to the fact that you have plodded along, learning slowly, slowly. The time of that is over. Now you must go quickly...

The leaders of the world are power hungry. They all want to rule the world and they all are willing to do anything to do that. ... This is why we cannot express to you strongly enough the importance you all have in this group. There are hundreds of groups around the world doing what you’re doing. And this is what we are depending on as the connective issue between what we’re doing and what can happen here. Whatever we do, for the earth, on the earth, has to have a basis of connection. There has to be a foundation to which the energy we’ll radiate connects to. There has to be. Otherwise, it just dissipates; it goes out all over the place...

Participant: If you can save us some time and give us a prayer that everyone can say the exact same thing all the time, it might be very helpful.

Solomon: First of all, you must have love. You’ve got to have love because that is the extreme power. Hold the earth in a light of love. Hold its people in a light of love, especially its leaders. Hold them in a light of love. And envision the power of God coming down through that and spreading out to all concerned. That is the best way to do that...

Participant: Okay, like this morning, you were saying to be very specific.

Solomon: Yes, specific of what you want, but you don’t have to be specific to who because it knows, more than you, to go where it needs to go. You might have one idea of who needs it and that person may merely be a puppet to the real ones who are thinking so, let it go where it knows to go.

Participant: I suspect that that’s going to be very powerful for the entire group that we are all on the same page with the same words. So, thank you very much...

Participant: 'Cause sometimes we focus on just the United States and sometimes we focus on Europe so all we have to do then is substitute. Instead of holding the earth in the light of love, holding the United States in the light of love.

Solomon: Focus on the earth.

Solomon: ... I say to you, you have no idea how important little groups like you are. You, collectively, are the SAVING GRACE, because you are the ONLY foundation to which we can connect and allow this energy that we’re sending to come in."

Note: There are twelve angel-connected groups on Earth and it is our mission to heal Planet Earth. As Solomon said, “One person alone is helpful but a group together with one intent is power. You are invited to participate in a meditation group in the ethers each Sunday night at 7 p.m. EDT when we can pray - as taught by Solomon above - for Planet Earth together as a group, and each person is encouraged to also pray for Earth individually as much as possible.

Solomon, WORKING WITH COSMIC COMMAND audio tape. Copyright Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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