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Results of Cursing

"Know you what swearing be? Cursing? Know you that that was the beginning of physical illness? Ah, you did not know that did you? You thought it was germs... There were those among you who knew, who knew that there is a power in the spoken word and they used it to manipulate, to control, to hold you from your knowingness. That took the form of cursing or wearing… and in the use of those words there came condemnation.

In the condemning, though your words… when you began to curse one another, you were taking that which was pure and holy – the goodness of you, the God of you – and you used your power for ill.

The priests and the scribes of old remembered their Source and this is the power they used over the masses, for the masses were ignorant… they said ‘If you do not do thus and so, you will be cursed unto hell.’

In the cursing, there came about the awareness in your consciousness that there could be an ill fate, that there could come less than that which was good, less than that which was perfect. And as you accepted that awareness, you brought it into its fullness and you developed in your physical bodies dis-ease, pain, lack of pleasure, lack of the sense of well-being.

Anger is a very potent force, is it not? Now, you say, ‘But they make me angry, I get very frustrated.’ I know. But every one of you does the same thing… perhaps with fellow creatures in your work, where you work, wherever. All of you have used cursing, have you not? You must learn to draw away from the vibration - and it is a very low vibration, a very earthy one – of cursing. Tis not easy. Anything becomes a habit.

Know you what happens when you say, ‘God damn it,’ to someone…? You are asking that that which is sacred and holy – that which sustains life, gives life, is life – take life, take love and destroy it! You are asking it to do that which it is not capable of and you are asking it to be done with great emotion and power… What think you is going on in the metabolism of your being when you ask the God that is life to destroy? … You are taking the life that is in you, which is your power, and you are twisting it, and you are causing it to make, to create, that which is foul and that which is foul is going to manifest where? In you!

Now you say, ‘But I know of those who are very ill who have never spoken an ill word.’ But you do not know what they think, for I tell you a truth… There is no illness that is not created by ill thought… Whatever, be it serious or temporary, it matters not. It comes from an ill thinking."

6/12/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 2, 1988, Pgs. 306-310. Copyright © 2016 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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