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Releasing a Burden

“Now I want you to do a little exercise with me. I want you to close your eyes, get yourselves comfortable. I want you to close your eyes and relax. Be very aware of your body and how it feels. Be aware of what you’re thinking. Be aware that you are in this room and that you are sitting in that chair. Be aware of your physical as being an integral part of you – a heaviness, a kind of weight that you feel.

Now, I want you to picture yourselves standing up and walking in back of your chair, leaving your body seated. I want you to picture whatever burden you consider yourself as having as being in the lap of the body in the chair. After you have that clear, I want you to mentally take several steps back away from the chair.

Now, picture your body floating upward with the body still in the chair with the problem in its lap. Feel how free you are, how light you are, how relaxed with a sense of joy and happiness and release. Picture yourself floating upward, feeling completely, absolutely free, feeling yourself as a light, floating, powerful being that you are. Feel your power. Feel how powerful you really are. Have a clear sense of your own presence, a clear sense of the beingness of you. Feel that spiritual power. Feel the freedom. Feel the joy. Bask in it. Allow it to be fully expressed in you and through you.

Having experienced that, stay in that state and allow yourself to drift softly downward toward your chair. At the same time, keep your awareness of the power of you, the joy of you, the freedom that you have. And as you come to your chair, envision the lap of the body there, empty.

Now, sit yourself down into the body again with its empty lap. Now, open your eyes and welcome back…

Now, when you do this, you will be able to look at the problem or the burden – whatever you care to call it – and see it from a detached, spiritual, unaffected view, and by so doing, it will help you to understand that whatever it is you left in the lap of the body isn’t as earth-shattering and as important or as heavy as it appears when you are in the body. This is learning how to use your spiritual muscle, is to go above and look down on it."

- Archangel Gabriel, “Releasing the Burden,” from Total Illumination, July 29, 1995, SITTING IN GOD’S LAP, Pg. 106-107. Copyright © 2021 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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