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Recreating Our World

"There is not a soul of you here who does not think of Mother Earth in terms that are degrading. The weather is terrible. The government is awful. The Russians are bad. The bomb is going to get you. You don’t like your boss. You hate your job. Social Security is going to be gone before you are another year older. Oh, children, if you could only see the monsters you are creating. If you could only see the faces of the devils that you are making to chase you all about. Better to create faces of angels.

In the ethers there is an earth forming to be out-pictured here. See not good/bad, see simply is. The power of God is. Bless, love and most grandly forgive, for only in forgiving do you release. ‘Ahh,’ you say, ‘I knew there was a catch to it. I cannot forgive so and so. They treated me so badly.’ I tell you a truth…There is no wound that is not self-inflicted, be it physical, mental or emotional. You want to blame someone for hurting your feelings? Look in the mirror. You took it upon yourselves. You want to proclaim someone ‘bad’ because their beliefs are different from Yours? Look in the mirror. How narrow-minded can you be?

The simplicity of what you must do has been so covered over with the complexity of what you think ought to be that you have lost sight. What is forgiveness? Is it condoning the act or the word of another that brought you pain? No. Forgiveness is letting go of it with the attitude it cannot harm me, for I am God made manifest and God is never hurt, never wounded, never killed. The first person who recognizes their true Godness in its fullness will never see death.

Some of you here will see only the beginning of the changes of which I speak. Some of you here will see all of the changes of which I speak…You prepare yourselves physically. …But the true preparation is not of the physical! It is of the soul of you! The Spirit of you! The thinking, creating part of you that can change anything! Anything that you want to.

…I come not to give you a stone but to give you bread. I come to feed you in a way that will bring you into the eternalness of your being through your own inner knowingness. I come not to astound or to frighten, or to entertain. Indeed, for what purpose. I pray with you a prayer for all people.

Divine Being, Creation made manifest, Divine Love poured forth in the fullness of its nature, these, Thy children, walk in darkness. Touch their eyes and make them see. Open their ears to hear, their hearts to know that the knowingness of themselves is their only savior.

Great Father, in whom all things are, manifest Thyself unto them in the purity of Your Truth and the beauty of that which is. Let them be known as the Light of the world. Let them see in each other’s eyes the kindred spirit of Love and Truth. Let them see within themselves the sovereignty of their own estate.

I pray with my brothers for all the earth and her dwellers, not that they be lifted up out of the way of harm, but that they, of themselves, turn the harm into a blessing. It has been said, oh Great One, that the sword shall be made into a plowshare. I pray that You bless these hands to do so soon.

So be it, Children of God, Lords of Light, Ladies of Light! I leave you with this thought…Each day of the following week when you awaken, ask yourself, ‘What shall I create today? Shall it be of Light and Truth?’ And you will answer, ‘Aye, that is shall be.’ Then, do it. So be it.”

12/10/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 1, 1987, Pgs. 30-34. Copyright © 2015 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.


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