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Now, reality is that which is… it is that which exists, lives, expresses. It is that which never varies and yet is ever-changing. It is dependable, reliable and absolutely true. Facts, on the other hand are not necessarily reality. Facts are your perception of what is true. Ah, there's a puzzle! If something is a fact, why isn't it real? Well, first of all, we have to learn to discern between reality, which is spirit-born, and perception, which is created. And perception is a choice that you have. Reality isn't changed by what you think or feel or believe. Reality remains ever and always the same.


For example, spirit is life and that's a reality. Mind creates, that is a reality. Feeling nature is the voice of God talking to you and that's reality. Perception is what you take and create and then believe in and upon your perception, you base your facts. Reality is that which is spirit-born. It does not come forth from you as its creator. It comes forth from spirit, which is its creator.


Perception is your concept of what you see. And what you see and experience is created by you and placed out there, in front of you, and you say, ‘Oh, behold, there is a fact.’ Now, facts are not necessarily truths. Facts are your idea of what is a truth. For an example: I got involved in a relationship. The person turned out to be not at all what I thought they were. They lied to me. They cheated on me. They took my money. They borrowed my car and smashed it all up, and all that sort of thing. Therefore, all relationships are going to smash up my car, take away my money and make me miserable. Indeed, is that a fact? But it's your fact, isn't it? It's what you believe.


Now, your perceptions give you your beliefs and what you believe will prove all of your perceptions. I’d think about that. When you take something and you make it your belief, everything in your life will

sustain that belief. Your eyes will tell you that what you see fits that belief. Your ears will tell you what you hear fits that belief. Your experience will be that belief until, after a while, you are so surrounded with beliefs that are proving themselves to you by the facts of them that you come to accept it as truth.

It becomes real to you and, once something becomes real to you, you don't look past it. You lock into it and you hold to it. When you hold to something long enough, it solidifies around you and you find it is extremely difficult, if not somewhat impossible at times, to see or know anything beyond that belief.


For example, know you have people of the Catholic faith who have had the bleeding of the hands and feet. What do you call it, stigmata? No way that has happened to them. They believe so completely, so intensely, so absolutely in the crucifixion, so completely in the torture and the pain, so completely in sacrifice that they manifested in their physical body that belief. Now, everyone has always taken it

as a sign of a saint or as some great wondrous blessing. Well, it depends upon your point of view. If you're into suffering, you got it!


What about people who go through life, live long lives, way into the nineties or over a hundred years old and always have experienced perfect health - keep all their own teeth and all their own organs

and all that sort of thing and go on through life living active beautiful lives? What about that? They are out-picturing (i.e. manifesting) their belief system. They believe that they are going to live forever and they keep it always before them and the result thereof is that they live very long lives.


What about all of you who believe that you're going through difficult times: you don't have enough money, you wish you had a lover, your apartment is going to be sold to some other, you have no place to live, you need a new mode of transportation and you have no funds. Your best friend in all the world ran off with your mate and you can't find your glasses! (Laughter.) Where do you think that all came from? Your belief system. You created a limitation and you live it. You believe it and it becomes your truth.

03/17/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, REALITY vs. PERCEPTION. Channeled on September 16, 1995. Copyright 1995 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Audio lesson available on YouTube.


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