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Process of Healing

"In all living things, in all living things, there is a positive current that comes down and there is a negative current that transverses (forming a cross +). Purpose of them is this: the downward, in the positive, there comes in the energy of motion and motion is what carries things forth, brings them into a becomingness. When something is growing, it is the positive energy that moves it forward. Now that energy comes from the spiritual Source, the cause of it, which is God.

The cross (horizontal) part is the negative, and I don't mean negative in an error way, but the negative as you have been taught is the sustaining vibration that keeps life sustained. Otherwise, life would come, be and be gone. Form would come and be gone. Before it could fully manifest, it would be gone because the vibration of the positive is an action and it moves rapidly.

This part of it, the cross part of it, sustains it and holds it so that the form can manifest. Now this is true of every living thing. From the Spirit up here comes the Source, the energy. From up out of the earth comes an energy that binds the spiritual energy to form. The sustaining...represents the taking in of the energy from the air around you, from the ethers, and this sustains this upward/downward vibration and keeps it level, keeps it so that it doesn't dissipate before it takes form.

Now, you use that in your thinking. We all do. We all do. When you are thinking... when you are creating with your thought and your thinking, you're pulling in the energy from above and you're grounding it with the energy from beneath and you're sustaining it with the energy that goes across it...

This energy that comes down from the Spirit and up from the earth needs no intervention by you. Your desire calls it into being and beyond that, you have no influence over it. But you have great influence over the cross piece, the sustaining, because it is in that part that your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, influence the form that is being manifested.

Let us say... you desire to have an experience of joy, so you create in your mind what that experience might be. Now, in that, you have pulled in energy from above and energy from... the earth. Now, your belief in how that will manifest is in the energy that goes across it. It is in the sustaining energy that your belief system rests, and how you believe it will manifest is how it will manifest because this is what sustains it.

...When you do healing, you are not dealing with the vertical process; you are dealing with the horizontal process within the concepts of the person you are healing. Basic good health, soundness of body, is already in the vertical. That's nature's way of creating perfection. But the sustaining belief system of the individual determines whether or not that perfect vertical line is going to remain healthy and strong or whether it will not be sustained.

So when you do healing, you are working with the consciousness of the individual who needs the healing, and if their belief system does not sustain perfect health, even though you touch them and heal them, they will call back to them selves the ailment again or another ailment far worse...

That's why healing must be done in the soul, and only the individual can heal their own soul. A healer can cast the ailment out of the body cells but unless the memory is removed from the soul, those body cells will feed on the memory of the soul and re-enact the ailment.

That's why so many times people come to be healed and they are healed in that moment, but their belief system pulls them back into looking back. They talk about how they used to be. 'Oh, I was sick. I had this, I had that. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.' And in so doing, they have regenerated the old cell memory of the illness, of the sadness, of the sorrow, of the beleaguerment - whatever it is - and they will draw it to themselves and it will be twice as bad.

...Whenever you are repeating a pattern in your lives... and oh, beloveds, you do repeat... When you do that, you weaken the structure of your spiritual Source, of the inflow. That comes purely to you, purely, with nothing wrong with it. But it is the vibrational rate of your thinking that determines how it is sustained, so remember that."

11/20/2022 Blog. Master Jesus, CHRIST BECOMING, Pgs. 235-239. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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