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Ways We Attack Ourselves

"Before I taught this day, I took it upon myself to go about into the mass consciousness in order that I might better understand how people think. There are many things that puzzle me about what you think. One of the things I have observed was the millions of ways that you have of attacking yourselves every day. I do not mean only you here. I am talking about humankind.

You will do something that will evoke anger in another. Then, if nothing else works, you give them - what is it you call it - "the finger". That behavior is rather rampant in your big cities, have you ever noticed that? I have been about, and I have watched angry thoughts directed to you from another; most of them from total strangers who don't know you, nor you them. But, you do these things that evoke these feelings in other people.

All of that behavior comes down to the desire to beat upon yourselves for something... to show how unlovable you are. It can range from anything as harmless as "the finger," as you call it, right down to finding a bomb in your car...or mice, as the case may be, or whatever. Anger has its varying degrees or out picturing (i.e. manifesting); and the anger always comes from the person that the anger is directed toward.

I have told you that all things go in a circle - 'What goes around, comes around.' Every time someone is angry with you, you can be guaranteed it is something that you have sent out of yourself, from yourself, and it is coming back to you. The anger is picked-up on the ethers by another; they perceive it as an injustice to them in some form - be it slight or great - and they retaliate. That's where you get all of the anger from - from yourselves. ...Another's action to you is ever a mirror of your opinion of yourself."

04/14/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pgs. 83-84. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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