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Prayer & How to be Joyous

Jesus: "Prayer is answered the moment it is expressed. People have this idea that you have to wait a long time for prayer to answer. Actually, prayer is self-answering. When you generate a need, the supply is instantaneously created. As the need is expressed, the answer to the need is there. You don't need anything in the middle. A sincere prayer to God, 'Dear God, please help me' - instantly the help is there. Then it is a matter of the human consciousness taking in that help and recognizing it in whatever form it whatever form it comes. And recognizing this is the help, this is alright; I shall not judge the help that comes. A lot of people judge away the answer to their prayer. Because it doesn't look or seem or feel like what they thought it should, they discount it as not the answer to their prayer.

Participant: If you could summarize...your best advice to us...what would that advice be?

Jesus: Love God, love yourselves, love each other, and be joyful.

Participant: When people pass over to spirit and desire to meet with you, do they get to meet you soon?

Jesus: Yes. Yes.

Participant: ...Are there any suggestions on the best way to carry on or to teach today?

Jesus: Live it. Live it. That is the best way to teach, is to live it. You can get up and you can preach, you can heal, you can form prayer groups, you can do anything, but living it, therein is where the reality of it comes through. Therein is where the truth of it will manifest, is in the individual living of what you're doing - living it. And not letting anything distract you or take you from that. Always be absolutely confident in who you are - the Child of God - and go with that kind of courage...just living it.

Jesus: You practice being joyous. You practice it.

Participant: Is that different from living it or...?

Jesus: No, because you begin practicing and as you practice, you find you're living it. But you have to make a concentrated effort at first to be joyful and then, as you do, you recognize...even times when you're too tired. When you're too tired to be can say, 'My physical body is weary but the soul of me sings the praises of God and I am joyous, even though I'm going to go take a nap.' So while you're napping, be joyful in God."

09/17/2023 Blog. Master Jesus, CHRIST BECOMING, Pgs. 273 and 276. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan. Photo by Brandon Jopko. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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