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Power of Decision

“Now, the conscious mind makes the decision and the subconscious mind carries it out. When you have decided you will do thus-and-so, immediately the subconscious starts pulling in the energy, and it begins to go to work. But if you change your conscious mind, now you’ve changed your subconscious direction. Now you’ve ordered it down. It doesn’t have the punch. It isn’t pulling in energy at the rate that it was before. It has become confused. Instead of going in a direct line to get something done, now it’s wandering all over like a wayward calf. It isn’t going where it started out because you have given it different direction.

…Something has to be steadily fed in order for it to form, and as soon as you open your mouth and you talk it out, you have begun its demise. Words are power, and your energy will follow your words. …So here is what you do: You get this divine idea and you keep it to yourself. You don’t tell your spouse. …You keep it to yourself and you build in your mind every detail about it. You think of all the glorious, wonderful ways it’s going to work for your highest good. If you have to get it out, then write it down on a piece of paper that you can hide away somewhere, and you don’t let anyone see it.

Now, you make a decision. What is the first action you need to take to bring this about? And you quietly go forth and you take that action. …Now, once that is established and you stay with it, your subconscious mind is going to pull in every bit of anything that you need to have this manifest. Know you how some people can touch anything and have it turn to gold for them? Why? Because they don’t change their mind. They steadfastly follow their divine inspiration and they don’t talk it over with this one or that one or anything else. They simply act on it and they follow it through.

…So there comes a time at which you have to voice it, but you say as little about it as you possibly can. You just say, ‘I have a plan I’m working on.’ ‘Well, what is it?’ ‘I’ll tell you later.’ And you stay with your decision. I don’t think any of you have any idea how powerful a decision is. That is when you say to the universe, ‘I’m going in that direction,’ and you steadfastly put one foot after the other in that direction. And you will pull to yourself everything you need to bring it to your desired result. But the key is to stay with it and don’t talk it to death. Everybody’s a blabbermouth. We (angels) have watched you.

When you go into your meditation, that is when you listen for God to talk to you. But you set the tone of your meditation and you go in and you say, ‘Father, I thank You for divine inspiration. I thank You for the blessings of this idea. I thank You for its manifestation.’ And then you get in tune with the God Self of you.

You never go into your meditation, ‘Dear God, is this really a good idea? I think it is, but you know, if You have anything you want to improve on it… be my guest, because I’m this poor, little, weak creature down here and I just can’t do this.’

You want that? Oh, God will give you whatever you want. ‘You want weak creature?’ Whomp. ‘There you are, weak little creature.’ But if you go in and you say, ‘Father, I’m really excited about this and I thank you for it,’ there is no weak creature. Now, it’s ‘I’ve got an open channel with this person. I can bring all of this in,’ and boom, you’ve got that.

But stick to your decision, don’t back off, and don’t scatter your energies by talking about it to anyone, even your dearest friend who would cheer you on. Keep it to yourself until you take that first step forward and you have begun your action.”

02/26/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, MANIFESTING, Pgs. 146-149. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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