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Our Need to DO Something

Gabriel: "One of the most difficult of things for you to do is to let go of something because you perceive that you must always take action, take action, take action. Releasing and letting go is one of the most profound actions that you can take, and yes, it is the most difficult because you are always grabbing and hanging on.

There are some mothers who never let their children grow up. No matter if their sons are eighty-year-old men, the mothers still consider them 'my little boy' even though they are hobbling down the street with their canes! Now it is the same thing, Beloved Woman, when you latch onto a limitation and hang onto it. No matter what circumstance comes to take it from you, you fight it off and you take it back. 'It is my limitation and I will have it.'

Participant: When you say that, it is a frightening thing to me. I know I'm working on not having the fear, and now, you are telling me that it is happening on a subconscious level.

Gabriel: But Beloved Woman, the answer is simple. It lies in your trust that the Father gives you only what is good. You run into problems when you don't trust that divine source. When you feel you must do something, then the something you must do is to allow yourself to be open to receive.

That is the natural flow of life. As the answer comes to you, you become the disburser of the blessings, then more blessings come and you disburse, and more come and you disburse. You, by the very receiving of the blessings, become the action for them. But if you do not receive these blessings, how can you be the action for them? If you are busy scurrying about, the blessing cannot reach you.

For example, it is as if you are going to pour a cup of tea for someone. As you tip the pot, you move the cup over yonder, pour the tea all over the table, then curse it, and mop it up. But if you leave your cup there and allow the tea to go into it, then you can pass the cup as refreshment to others in the room. But if you feel your action part is to yank away the cup, it isn't the Father's fault if He's pouring out the blessings and your cup is elsewhere!"

09/24/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION audio lesson. Copyright © 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this audio lesson go to, click on MORE at the top right navigation line, go down to Shop Online and select this audio lesson.

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