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"How do you love someone and not be attached to them? Purely, totally, absolutely without fear. You can be so in love with someone that you don't know what end you're on, and if you are unattached to them, you have no fear that they will go out of your life, you have no fear that they will betray you or hurt you. You are in love - truly in love - whether there is an object of affection out there or whether there is not, you are in the even, ever-moving, ever-expanding, ever-glorious, and joyous flow of love.

And that means that you love yourself, doesn't it? Then when you do something stupid, what do you do? You laugh... there's no condemnation. There's no feeling of 'Why did I ever think that? I was so stupid.' There's none of that. You live in joy.

Non-attachment is a very powerful thing. Does that mean that you don't give a hoot? Not at all. Some of the people who are the most loving and caring are the ones who have absolutely no attachments. What does it mean to have no attachments? Does that mean that you don't want a lovely house, you don't want a nice auto, you don't want someone wonderful in your life? No, it doesn't.

Non-attachment means that you have such perfect trust in the gift of God, which is perfect love, that it never occurs to you that anything but your highest good is ever going to happen to you. You trust, completely trust, and when you completely trust, the windows of heaven open and blessings pour forth because you are in tune with the one love that is pure, the one love that is the basis for all other loves: the love of God."

7/31/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, LOVE & THE EGO, Pgs. 25-26. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo: Southwest Iceland. To purchase this book, please click here.

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