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New Heaven, New Earth

“You have heard that it is written in your Scripture that there is a new heaven and a new earth. The new heaven is the consciousness of mankind lifted up to the point where God is recognizable in everyone and especially within yourself. That puts you on a level of higher understanding. That gives you an opportunity to practice, practice, practice being this child of God.

The new earth? What would be the result of a new heaven? Would it not be a new earth? The consciousness of that earth would be lifted up to where there is worldwide peace, not through vanquishing but through mutual understanding and mutual respect. A conquered country, one that is conquered through war, is a collection of energy of hatred and resentment and one day it will explode into a revolution. And what will you have then? You will have war.

But a country that is nurtured and taught by example the laws of love, that is not a conquered country. It is a transformed one and in the transformation thereof there comes the vibration of peace and unity and understanding and true brotherhood.

Then the difference in the races will not be seen as something to be feared and suspicious of, but rather the differences will be seen as a balancing. What one race can offer will benefit another. What that race has received, they will in turn give back of their storehouse of knowledge and understanding. Until finally there comes such a blend of truth and love between the races that they are not thought of as the enemy but rather as a brotherhood of humankind who has chosen to wear different guises. And that is what it was meant to be in the first place.

Then you will have peace on earth, not because one country has more weapons and can blow the rest of them apart, but because all countries have love and can share it lovingly, wanting to give, not to take. ‘Oh, that all sounds very nice,’ you are thinking, ‘I doubt that I shall live to see it.’ Oh yes, you will. Yes, you will.

A lot of cleansing is going on upon your earth. I have told you this before. Politically, in your government, in all levels of your society there is a lot of cleansing going on. Its purpose is to get rid of the debris so that the new fruits, the new upcoming sprouts of brotherhood and peace can come and manifest without danger.

…Have you not noticed that people are becoming much more caring and concerned about others? When disaster strikes somewhere, what happens? Don’t people from all over your country, indeed all over your globe, go to that place and give assistance? They come with medical supplies, with food, with equipment to rebuild, to help in some way.

Where does that begin? What gets that started in the first place? Is it not the human spirit recognizing its own worth and in the recognition of its own worth recognizing the worth of other living beings as well? It is at that point that people care what happens to someone even though he is a total stranger and lives halfway around the world. They care. They want to do something. They want to make him better somehow.

Now that is a nurturing aspect… the feminine aspect coming into its own… You have had the masculine which is action. …Now you are coming into the feminine aspect which is going to bring you the nurturing, the caring, the loving, the let-me-take-care-of-you, the let-me-help-you-take-care-of-yourself.

That is very powerfully constructed upon your earth at this time. Never has the earth had more societies of help than it has at this time. Never. You can get help for just about anything. …I am telling you tonight of these things because it is important for you to become consciously aware of your part in it. You all have a part in it, every single one of you. You teach the world around you by how you live your personal life whether it be from a perspective of love, sharing, and caring or from a perspective of fear, resentment, anger …So becoming spiritually aware is extremely important in becoming spiritually active and spiritually conscious of the part that you play in your world.”

01/07/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF HUMANKIND, March 5, 1999, Pgs. 17-20. Copyright © 1999 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved. Photo by K. Romani.

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