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New Heaven & New Earth

Tell me what you think the New Age is. Anyone? … Being non-judgmental. How many of you here think you do not judge? Anyone? Ah, tis a lesson. ‘Tis a lesson.

Now, we have all of this energy. How do we use it? With love. You must begin with things that are easily lovable – family, friends, little creatures – and then you go to things that are more difficult to love like spiders and snakes and little creepy crawly things that make you want to shiver. Then you expand it to people who are unenlightened – people who are poor in spirit, people who would not use you well, people who dwell in the dark abyss of error thoughts – and you love them into light. This is not easy. This is why I tell you to begin with something simple.

In your lovingness, you are using an energy – your nuclear energy, if you will… however you want to name it – and you are building, you are building. You are constructing your new heaven and your new earth. Know you how the Scriptures tell you this, a little heaven in the new earth?

Now, what be the new heaven? Anyone care to hazard a guess? Consciousness. The awareness of the livingness of the Lord God of your being, manifesting in all you do and say and think. Now, all of you here have moments of that. You have moments when the Lord God of your being reigns supreme… But then you lapse back into the old way. You become angry, you become upset, you become disgusted, you become tired, you become irritable, and that is the old. Now, shall we name the old? Shall we give it a title so it’s official? Let us call it the ego...for that be the part of you that you have created out of your inner self and it be the demon that chases you about and tells you how terrible you be, tells you that you are not worthy, tells you that you are… sinners. Well, I tell you a truth… You are not sinners! Miscreators perhaps – error thinkers… but you are not sinners.

Your ego will ever take you on paths that go nowhere, for it will teach you anger, judgment. That is the greatest enemy of all… is to judge, for in judging, you do not allow any other living thing to be itself, including you, ‘Ah,’ you say, ‘it is so difficult not to judge something good or bad.’ Allow it to be, for it ‘tis, and as you withdraw your judgment, you take from it any energy that would make it negative. But as soon as you proclaim something bad, what be you doing? You be feeding the bad…

When the ego mind of you says, ‘So-and-so is wrong,’ … think you ,’That was my ego and it is in error… even though I perceive this person to be out of tune with me, the Lord God of me blesses him or her into light, and even though I may not agree with their principles, I allow them the love of Christ and I lift them up.’

Now, you do this many times and soon you have no enemies! After a bit, everyone who greets you will greet you with love because you are pouring it forth. All of this, my beloveds, is creating your new heaven and your new earth. Heaven is within you. It is that state of at-one-ment with you and your Father. It is that unity of life in which you look about and see all of life is a part of you, not separate from.”

9/11/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 2, 1988, Pgs. 215 to 218. Copyright © 2016 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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