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Life's Three Companions

"What is truth to one is not necessarily truth to another. This does not take away the value of that truth at all. Two people can live in the same house and know two totally different sets of truths, and both of them will be equally valid. Your truth is that which takes you to your highest good, and that is what you must seek.

What is truth to you today may not be truth to you tomorrow. Can you not think back when you were children to the things that you wanted? Have you not heard yourself pray, 'Oh, dear God, let me have this and I shall never ask you for another thing?' Perhaps it was a little, red tricycle or perhaps it was a doll carriage or whatever, but it was the most important thing in the world to you at that point. And if God listened in the manner that people think he listens and took you up on your promise that if he gave you that red bicycle you would never ask him for another thing, you'd be in hot water, wouldn't you, eh?

What I am trying to say to you is this: Seek truth, for that is the one thing that will grow with you. Truth will never limit you. It will never keep you locked into only one way of doing something. It will never prevent you from going on to something more. It will never keep you from being your true self.

Seek knowingness. Knowingness is the ability to see truth, to know it, absolutely, from the center of yourself, for knowingness goes past wisdom. Knowingness is ongoing, ever expanding, ever taking in more, ever becoming. Knowingness is your ability to see a truth no matter what shadows may cloud it.

Seek love, for love is also limitless. Whenever you perceive love as being binding in any manner or form, you are not dealing with love, you are dealing with fear that has on the guise of infatuation, for true love is never limiting or binding in any manner. It is uniting. True love will unite, but it will not hold against the will.

These three companions walk with you throughout your lifetime: truth, knowingness, and love. They are ever there with you. The greatest of these is love. These three companions walk beside you, lighten your path. Their voices are soft and gentle; they never shout at you. They never command you; they invite you. They ask you to join with them in their gifts. They never demand that you leave behind anything excepting error and that which would limit you. They will lift you up and bear you in their arms across any abyss that you could ever imagine.

Truth will never fail to be your shining honor against any shadow of doubt or fear, knowingness will ever be the clarity of your voice when you speak out and express yourself and love will ever enfold you and sustain you and carry you wherever you need to be. If you have these three things in your awareness, believe me, beloveds, you have everything, because all else that you could ever imagine will come to you."

06/16/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, MANIFESTING, Pgs. 70-72. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo: Copyright Arturszczybylo - To buy this book, please click here.

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