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Letting Go & Meditation

"Letting go of your fears, beloveds, is the greatest challenge that you will ever meet, for you have birthed them, nurtured them, fed them, and kept them well and happy...these many years. They are your children. They are the products of your creation. ...Well, I'm telling you a truth. If you desire to truly meditate and find that lovable self of you, then you must let go of your fears. You cannot drag the heaviness of them up into that state of consciousness that you must be in to be aware of the totality of God."

02/21/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION, Pg. 95. Copyright © 2002, Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this audio lesson, please go to the SGF website and click on MORE at the top right:

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