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Learn from the Animals

"When you are judging, you are… perceiving something as being out of touch with the Father. In other words, you are perceiving it as being ‘wrong’ or ‘bad.’ …I tell you, you learn from your creatures. A creature does not judge. No creature judges. A creature might see something and perceive it as something to be feared. For instance, the little animals that are the meat and the food for greater ones …oh, indeed, they avoid the greater ones for they have the self-preservation, but they do not perceive the greater animals as bad. They perceive it as capable of causing a situation they do not wish to participate in. They do not wish to become the dinner of some great lion so they say, ‘Thank you, no. I decline your invitation.’ They withdraw themselves from it and that withdrawal is manifested in fleeing, but they do not judge it.

…Know you that even in nature, it is agreed upon another level between the creatures as to who will be sacrificed and who will not? Know you this? You think they hunt only by chance? Oh, indeed not. I tell you, all of life is joined as one, and in the creatures it is known as instinct. You would reason it out. You would say, ‘Ah, yonder comes a pack of wolves. I shall take myself elsewhere.’ Or you would say, ‘I shall be afraid, or I shall get out a weapon.’ But the creatures do not.

When a pack of wolves is hunting, they sound forth into the air around them their call of the hunt. This registers on the ears of those who would be prey to them. It also registers on the ethers and even those creatures who do not hear the sound know there is a hunting pack. Now, among them there are those who know their time upon the earth plane is over. They have the choice of choosing to go swiftly or to die of hunger or die of thirst or die of an old wound that festers and gives them pain, and oft times they select the swiftest way and they choose to be dinner of the pack of wolves. …No deer, no little bunny, is ever killed that does not choose to do so.

When a creature has an illness or an injury that they cannot overcome, oft times they will choose to go swiftly, rather than to linger. Some of them choose to die slowly but most often, they will dash in front of your modes of transportation or find themselves a pack of wolves.

Know you that if a deer chooses not to die, so to say, that he will not flee? He will simply stand there and tell them (i.e. the pack of wolves), “Go away, I am not ready,’ and they will go? Know you that a single doe, who has no antlers upon her head, can chase off a pack of wolves? Know you this? Oh, they do. They simply stamp their foot, which is their signal, ‘Go away,’ and the wolves will leave. You think that creatures are victims? Ah, indeed not. Only man is a victim because he created it."

10/29/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 2, 1988, Pgs. 126-129. Copyright © 2016 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo by Sherry Snook. To buy this book, please click here.

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